Saturday, March 31, 2007

FW: Pond skimming

So begins the new world (for me, anyway) of mobile blogging. These pictures were taken with my new phone since my old phone had some inherent flaws that killed it for a second time. My cousin Dan has been blogging from his phone for a while, but I couldn't ever quite get it. Now, Blogger let's me do this without having to hack through things. It might take a while for me to understand completely, but here is the first effort. The pictures above are of the annual pond-skimming event that is held at the end of the ski season at the Canyons resort in Park City. The first shot is the pond being filled with water at seven o'clock in the morning (yes, I was there). The second is a picture of the crowd and one contestant who had emerged from the water sans much clothing. Last is the guy who barged to the front so none of us could see. Thanks, man.
I hope to do more mobile blogging in the near future. It would certainly make it easy for me to share things without having to sit down at the computer.