Monday, April 23, 2007

Happiness is...

When I was a little boy, my Grandma Pat had a book on her basement bookshelves called "Happiness is..." In twenty-six years I don't think that book has ever failed to bring a smile to my face. Today, though, I found some new things in my own life--not a book--that bring me happiness. Maybe you should try to do the same for yourself. For me happiness is...

...taking my wife breakfast in bed when she's sick
...spring rain
...seeing my baby's ultrasound for the first time!
...picnic lunches
...watching the neighbor kids fly kites
...younger siblings who make good decisions
...a haircut from Mom
...warm towels after a shower
...marrying the right person at the right time in the right place

Tuesday, April 10, 2007


So...for anyone who didn't already know...SURPRISE! Yes this is the first official picture of our baby. She (I say "she" because we've been referring to it as a she ever since we found out I'm pregnant) is about the size of a fig now according to our baby magazine. About one and a half inches long, and moving around like crazy! When we did the ultrasound she was bouncing around and kicking and turning every which way. It was so fun to see! It was something that I really needed to see because I've been so sick for the past month and a half. Now I know that there really IS a baby in there and I'm not just sick for no reason :)
The funniest part of yesterday was how absolutely nervous Ryan was before the appointment. He was talking up a storm, he was having heartburn and stomachaches, and he was just FREAKING OUT in general. It was kind of funny. Sort of the way he was acting before we got married, and also when I was redecorating HIS apartment (which is now OUR apartment meaning the basketball hoop on the living room wall is gone). But he survived both of those things, and so he did manage to get throught the visit with the doctor without passing out. But not without describing to her the nervousness HE was going through. I almost think he wanted her to prescribe somthing for HIM!
I think Ryan is going to be such a great father. He's taken care of me so well, and is always ready to help me whenever I need it. He talks to the baby sometimes when I'm feeling especially bad, and explains to her that mommy really needs to get some rest and so she needs to settle down and go to sleep for a while. He'll talk to her in Spanish as well. It's really quite adorable.
Anyway, I'm due at the end of October. She didn't give us an exact date yesterday, which is fine because babies very rarely come on their exact due date anyway! They come when they decide to come, or when they are forced to. So...end of October. That's all we got. We're so excited, and it just doesn't seem real that WE are going to be parents!