Monday, July 30, 2007

Summer Fun 2007

Every time we do something fun and take pictures we have every intention of putting them up on the blog. But we just haven't been good at following up - - mostly because our neighbors that had wireless internet moved. HEHE. Anyway, we are doing very well! I am 6 months along today, and still growing! Although I have been informed countless times that I don't look big enough to be 6 months along...I certainly FEEL big enough! It's a little bit depressing when yesterday a certain pair of pants fit me, yet today (ONE DAY LATER!), they don't. Oh well. It's the quickest weight gain, and will be the quickest weight loss I ever experience. And of course it's all MORE than worth it! It has been so fun to be able to feel the baby moving this last month. He is already so active! My favorite are the nights when I'll be reading with a book rested on my tummy, and he'll kick me where the book is, and it scares me cause the book jumps! Ryan is the cutest daddy already. He talks to his little boy sometimes as if I'm not even there and they're just having a conversation. It's adorable!

Well, this summer has been a fun one! We had a chance to go to Cancun with my family in June and had a great time! We stayed in Playa del Carmen, which is south of Cancun, for 6 nights. Then we went out to Chichen Itza for a couple nights, then came back and stayed in Cancun for the last 3 nights. It was so wonderful!

One of the things I enjoyed the most, though, was seeing Ryan get a lot of practice with little kids. We were able to help Jorge and Monica with Aaron and Cameron quite a bit, and it was a lot of fun. Ryan was very cute with them!

I know in this last one it looks like he doesn't know how to hold a baby, but the truth is, Cameron loves hanging his head off like that. Sometimes that was all that would calm him down. So no, Ryan is not abusing the child! :)

Believe it or not....Ryan and I will have been married for a whole year this coming Sunday. Time has really passed by so quickly! We have both learned so much this year from all our experiences together. I just have to say again that I am so happy things happened with us when they did. 5 years was a long time between the time we first thought we would get married, and when we actually did get married. But I'm so glad both of us were able to experience the things we did in those 5 years. Those things made a big difference in our relationship. I try to imagine what my life would be like without having gone to China, without having gone on a mission, without having worked at the MTC, and so many other things. Life is so great! And my husband is so wonderful! I love him more and more every day! We'll be going to the Oregon coast Saturday for our anniversary. So...those pictures will probably be up by about...Christmas! :)

CONGRATULATIONS to Jodi and Terry who will be married on Friday! YAY for them! Pictures from their wedding should be up in about November. we'll really try to do better than we have! Happy August on Wednesday everyone!