Friday, August 17, 2007


I had a roommate one year at school who would say the funniest things! For Christmas I gave her a jar that said "Blond Moments" on the front, and I had pieces of paper with all of the funny things she had said that semester written on them. I'm sure that we've all heard people say things that they don't realize sound...totally silly (in order to use a NICE word)! We totally need a quote board on this blog. I say "silly" things all the time. But since I'm writing this post, I'm going to point out others' funny sayings...not mine :) So the following are my top three for the month of August so far:

Brad Bywater: "I love you...but I'm going to date 10 other girls" (as told to his wife, who was then his "kind-of girlfriend"

Angela Bywater: "I would rather get hit THIS way than THAT way" (stated after darting across a busy road with the rest of us in tow....and after we had almost gotten run over on the OTHER side of the road)

and the winner is.....

Ryan Jensen: "How is it possible that we only went a mile in a mile??" (as stated while driving home from Oregon, after passing a speedometer checkpoint in which one is SUPPOSED to time HOW LONG it takes to go a mile. Instead of keeping track of the seconds he watched until we had gone one mile, at which time, he was completely disgusted that we had only gone ONE mile in that mile).

Hehe...Sweetie you're gorgeous and I love you! I know you'll be so happy I told that story to everyone. In all fairness we had been driving through Eastern Oregon and ...who knows where in Idaho and it was nothing but yellow NOTHING for about 7 hours. So at this point, we were both a little delirious. So it's also understandable that instead of staying on the 84 which goes toward UTAH, we didn't notice getting on the 86....until we starting seeing signs for POCATELLO. When that registered in my tired little brain said "Umm....that's in like 100 miles, and at that point we would STILL be in Idaho. STOP YOU'RE GOING THE WRONG WAY!!!!" Unfortunately, the next freeway exit was 15 miles down the road. Moral of this story: Pray that you will NEVER get lost while driving through Idaho, or it's all over. You might as well just get out, plant yourself a farm and be content to live there. :)

So, if anyone remembers any of MY many great "one-liners" please feel free to share!