Monday, September 24, 2007

First Snow

Here's the deal. It snowed today. The date is September 24, 2007. It's two weeks later than last year, but it's still September.

Here is the view of the Jordanelle Reservoir, Heber Valley on the far side of that, and the back of Deer Valley.

Here's another shot of the back side of Deer Valley. It's time to get the skis ready.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Anniversary Road Trippin'

Recently, Prego Megs and I went to Oregon. Megs says everyone wants to see more pictures on the blog than read, so here they are.

Welcome to Oregon's sandy beaches. Our place was maybe 200 yards from this beach!

Utah has a lot of seagulls, but the sea has a few more. Some of them even tried to fight with a couple of eagles we saw.

Alex, I'll take "Sea" Animals for 200. Maybe Utah has seagulls, but the only place in Utah to find a seal is at Hogle Zoo. This seal was one of more than a dozen that were sunbathing in Newport.

Lighthouses dot the coastline. This is where we saw the gulls and the eagles fighting. The eagles seemed to fight out of boredom. They weren't going after food, and they didn't appear to go after any of the babies. It was fun to watch.

Twin Rocks seemed to be a little piece of Arches National Park in the middle of the ocean. This picture was taken on a nice foggy morning.

While it was fun to see some great things of nature, it was also nice to see the home of one of my favorite treats. Tillamook, Oregon. Home of Tillamook Cheese. Mmm... Cheese. We brought some home and barely finished the extra sharp white cheddar. I know I'm an Aggie, but Tillamook is better than Cache Valley Cheese.

This trip was the first one where we could use our new Nikon D40. While I was able to convince Megan the need for a UV filter (filters make great stocking stuffers), I had to improvise to get some good sun shots. This picture was achieved using my S4 Mode sunglasses. They're huge. It worked nicely in place of an ND filter.

Not all shots need a filter to make them look better. We wanted to get some sunset shots, but it was hard since there was rain much of the time. One evening, the clouds parted, and Megs found us this beautiful beach where we shot a ton of sunset pictures. It was a lot of fun.

After a few days in Rockaway Beach, we headed inland for a couple of days, as well. We had a chance to go to the rose gardens with Brad, Angela and Peanut. We also stayed with Megan's family. Ane and Mark were wonderful hosts.

When we were in Portland, we went to a great little cupcake place (yes, a "cupcake place") and fattened ourselves with the best cupcakes I've ever tasted. It was good to get some messy face picture practice when Haley was done eating. Isn't that cute?!

While staying with Mark and Ane, we had a sleepover with some of their grandchildren. This is Jessica. She gave me a dandelion before we left. I wore it faithfully behind my ear until Megan got sick of it!

There are a few of the things we did on our trip. It was a nice way to relax before football season started, a new job came, and Tyler makes his debut.

Megan, thank you for a wonderful and eventful first year. I look forward to spending forever with you and seeing many more great things along the way. Next trip, the hospital.

Friday, September 21, 2007

Puppy Love

These are pictures of Jorge and Monica's 7 little new additions to the family. They are Simba and Nala's puppies (Simba is my parents' dog and Nala is theirs). They're beautiful purebred German Shepherds. And actually, they won't be part of the family for much longer. 6 of them already have new owners waiting on them. There is one male left, and he is the biggest, fluffiest, and cutest of them all (he's the one in the last picture on this post). So if anyone's interested let me know.

I LOVE DOGS!!! I just do! I've always loved German Shepherds and Huskies. When I was little we had a traditional German Shepherd named Silver, and another one which was a husky, GS mix named Sasha. She was white, and BEAUTIFUL! After the first Silver (actually he was the 2nd because my grandma had the first Silver), we got another one and also named him Silver. He hasn't been around for quite a while, but Sasha lived until I was on my mission. I remember sitting in the internet cafe in Sao Paulo and reading the email telling me that Sasha had died. I cried. And it probably seemed very silly to those who asked me what was wrong. But the fact is, a dog becomes part of the family! And she was definitely part of ours.

We had also had a cat named...well, I guess his ACTUAL name was Morongo (a name given to him by my dad), but we just called him Kitty. We got him when I was about 8 years old. He liked to sit under the little rocking chair in my room that faced my bed, and stare at me in the dark, and then he would wiggle his tail and leap out at me while I was lying in bed. It would scare the crap out of me! He was so playful like that. He was nice enough to live until I returned home from my mission, and then he died a few months later.

ANYWAY, yeah this is just a bunch of really random information... but I guess the point is I miss having animals around. I know I'll have a baby soon, and then maybe I'll be GLAD I don't have any animals to take care of :) So, until we get a dog I'll just keep reminding Ryan how much he likes Simba and Nala, and Dax and Misty....and Sadie, the dog that he gets to see every day at work. And it's working. He actually did consent to having ONE dog when we are no longer living in an apartment. YAY!! And when I'm wanting a second one, I'll just look at him like this:

and say, "PLEASE!!!" That should work really fast! I mean, who can say no to that face?? (Again, if you need to see the cute baby doggie face closer up, click on the picture :)

This is me and Tyler playing with the puppies. Yes, I'm already trying to get him used to being around dogs.

This is the one that's left! Isn't he a CUTIE!!! How can you say no to that face?? :)

Friday, September 7, 2007


I had my first baby shower a couple of weeks ago with a bunch of high school friends and some roommates from college. It was way fun, and it totally made things feel more "real." Like...all the clothes I got...MY baby is going to wear them. MINE! As if I'm going to have a child! That still seems so weird to me. Here are a few of the fun pictures. Many thanks to Raegan, Kel and Chels who planned it all!

I don't think Raegan's baby appreciated being smashed by another pregnant lady!

Kelly made me the cutest little scrapbook for Tyler's first year!

This is Nicole Paige Schmidt. I love Nicki! She's so cool. I mean, just look at her hat!

It was so fun to see Jen, Melissa and Brooke. I hadn't seen them for a long time! Every time I see Brooke, I remind her that she was supposed to be my companion in the MTC! :)

Doesn't Chels look so great holding a baby? She's next!! :) Addie is so adorable!

Staci ROGERS and Kelly LALLIS....yeah, new last names are still hard to deal with. I still call Staci "Bailey."

Raegan made this cute baby cake out of diapers and bottles! How creative!

This isn't a baby shower pic...but I LOVE it! Cameron just loves Uncle Ryan! Ry's so cute with him! And look at the cute little baby foot sticking out under his arm! (yeah, yeah...I'm getting baby-hungry...) If you need to see cute baby foot closer up, click on the picture.

And I also just needed to show off our new king size bed because I am SOOOO incredibly excited about it! Yes, since we got married a year ago we had been using my FULL size bed. NOT a good idea. Especially now that there is a third person sharing space with us. So this is me and Tyler enjoying our new-found spaciousness (is that a word?) - not aware that Daddy is having fun with the new camera :) This is also a picture of something I will not be doing a whole lot in a couple months when Tyler is actually with us. Something tells me I should enjoy these moments of sleeping whenever I feel like it.