Monday, October 29, 2007

Other Side of The Coin

So Megan is full term with Tyler. I've never seen such a beautiful pregnant woman. I would post a picture, but that would defeat the purpose of my forthcoming rant. My cute wife was at the store today to get some Halloween candy for the (non-existent for the last two years) trick-or-treaters. While she was looking for the perfect treat (which included Gummi Savers for some reason), there happened to be a guy in the same store--that's right. There was a person of the opposite sex in the same store as my wife. Of all the nerve! Don't get me wrong. I like when guys tell me I have a good looking wife. What I don't like is when other guys tell my wife she looks good! Yeah. I've never been more jealous in my life. I wasn't even there, and I wanted to kill the guy. Am I the only one who feels this way? Listen, if I were to walk up to some random girl in the store and tell her she looked good, I can imagine all of my things being thrown out onto the sidewalk and being engulfed in flames before I could blink.
On the other side of things, this whole experience has made me much more understanding of Megs' feelings. There have been a few times when similar things happened to me, and Megan watched it happen on my shows. It took that guy's actions today for me to understand what Megan had felt. I'm sorry I didn't get it sooner. Now that I do get it, that guy better watch out! Yes, my wife is cuter than yours, deal with it in some other way that does not include flirting with her! Thank you.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Random Memories

So I was looking through the pictures on my computer today and realized that there are many that I love that I have never posted on here. So this is just a big jumble of random pictures...just for fun!

This is Ry on a beach in Oregon. We were driving up the coast trying to find a good place to take some sunset shots, and we found this beach in Netarts at the perfect time. It was beautiful.

This is the coolest gift I have ever gotten! Ry and I got our name done in those characters when we were in Hawaii. For Valentine's Day he made this cool frame with pictures of our honeymoon all around it. It was such a thoughtful gift!

This is me and two of my wonderful roommates at a ward dinner. Laura Bradford and Holly Villareal. Dressing up every once in a while is so much fun!

This is just a really cute picture of Carla and Craig :)

I love this picture of Ryan on our wedding day. He just looks so happy! And soooo cute!

Ryan made this and then took a picture of it with my camera (which I had left in his car), and then gave it back to me. I saw the picture when I was looking at some other pictures on the camera.

Ryan LOVES Justin! He was definitely one of the children that helped Ryan decide it would be ok to have a child right now. Justin, Tyler thanks you! :)

Christmas 2005 with family in Mexico. Cousins Edgar, David, and Omar with Jorge and Aaron.

Chelsie, Clark and Linda getting their groove on at our reception

Fun at the Clark's house

This has always been one of my favorite pictures of Aaron and Monica. Just look at that cute, chubby, round face!

Cute family pics!

Dancing at our reception...and yes the person hanging on my back is Miss Hilary Weist :)

This is me on a ski lift with Ryan right before our very first time on skis. Right after taking this picture, we both realized we were going to have to get off the lift soon and had no idea what to do. We got to the top, and proceeded to fall off the lift. They had to stop it, and when they did, it made a loud beeping noise, as if to alert people that some idiots had just fallen off the lift. We got ourselves up, and then fell all over the bunny slopes of Deer Valley. It was really a lot of fun! Luckily, we have gotten better since then.

This is one of the last groups I taught in the MTC. Any of you who know Brother Caldwell from 9th grade seminary will surely recognize his son in this picture. He looks JUST like him! It was so cool to tell him that I was in his dad's seminary class just a few years ago. least it seem like just a few years ago.

Ryan and I and Staci and Josh took a trip to the moon together! Some people don't believe that man has really gone to the moon. This is QUITE enough evidence, don't you think?

All the girls...including the new member, Addie!

Me and Ry at Laie Falls in Hawaii. This is an area that is not very well-known to tourists. It is one of the coolest hikes I have ever done. If anyone wants to know how to find it, let us know.

Pretty good imitation of the statue huh? This picture is currently on my America First debit card. I always get a laugh from whoever is ringing me up. I love it!

Ryan catching a nap in the children's section of Barnes and Noble in Honolulu. We had been reading picture books to each other, and apparently he got a little sleepy.

This is the picture that I wish we had used for our wedding announcements. I guess the other one just looks too "posed." This one looks much more relaxed. I didn't realize that I liked this one better until they had all been printed.

Kissing a frog. He didn't turn into a handsome prince, but luckily, my "prince" was taking this picture and so I didn't mind that the frog stayed a frog.

This is our homemade heart-shaped pizza. Yes, we are extremely creative! Who would have thought?

One of our gourmet candlelight dinners on the floor of our apartment. We had quite a few picnic dinners on the floor before we had chairs for our table. I'm very fond of them actually.

Ry and I really did run away to Vegas to get married. This is outside the wedding chapel that we were going to get married in. Then we decided that maybe our families would be a little upset if we were to do that. Especially Jodi who had come to Vegas with us! So we didn't. Hehe.

Monday, October 1, 2007

Pre-Winter Luau

Yay for Utah weather! It was close to 80 degrees on Friday, then snowed on Saturday, then was beautiful and warm on Sunday. What is going on???!! So yesterday, Ry and I decided to have raspberry pina coladas and just pretend we were on a beach somewhere! It was great!

Anyway, I'm feeling that time is getting closer that I'll be going into hibernation. For real this year! I don't know how excited I'm going to be to take my newborn out in negative 20 degree weather. I'm also a little bit confused about how it's going to work when I DO go out while Ryan's at work, and I have to chip ice away from the doors before I can get in the car. Do I just leave Tyler chillin on the sidewalk while I excavate? I can't leave him in the house alone! This is going to be a whole different kind of adventure for us. I'm a little nervous! But it looks like he's ready. He appears to already be wearing mittens! :)