Thursday, November 29, 2007

What's YOUR Dream?

Ok, my book recommendation for this...week...month...year...whatever, would be these two books. Hidden Treasures and The Jackrabbit Factor by Leslie Householder. I don't expect everyone to have even really heard of these books before. I sure hadn't until my mom told me about them. And I have to admit that when she did, I thought they sounded pretty weird. But then Ry and I read Hidden Treasures when we were on our way home from Oregon, and realized that the principles these books talk about really make sense. And they really do work! I'm struggling with how I can explain this... Maybe you have heard about The Secret or Mind Management or The Power of Positive Thinking. Those books all talk about, in different ways, how the way you think can really determine certain outcomes in your life. Well, these books explain WHY.

Hidden Treasures explains these principles and The Jackrabbit Factor is a story that's based on those principles. After reading the first one, Ry and I realized that they are things that sometimes we do in life without even realizing it. We both sat there and thought of things that have happened (or have not happened) in life after unknowingly following (or NOT following) these principles. I KNOW! It sounds weird. I don't know how to explain it! Very basically, it explains the laws that faith are based upon. How it is that faith (or positive thinking, and believing) really works. Obviously they can work for little things or pretty big things. Here is a small example:

Last night Tyler, was having trouble going to sleep. After a while, Ryan took him and looked at him very seriously and said, "This is what's going to happen. You are going to fall asleep and then you're going to sleep for 2 four-hour periods tonight so that your parents can rest." I laughed because it was so cute the way he was talking to Ty. But then I put him in his bed, he cried for a bit, and eventually fell asleep. Well, when I got into bed I thought about how wonderful I would feel after Tyler had slept that night and how thankful I was for him sleeping. Well, guess what! He went to bed around 10, woke up to eat around 3, and then I actually had to wake HIM up at 8 to eat again. It was wonderful! Yeah, that's just a little silly thing, but...just read the books! I'm going to stop talking about that now.

On another note...
Tyler had his first trip to church last Sunday. Of course we had to dress him up all cute for the occasion:

My two cute matching boys!

Church went very well. I'm sure we'll try it again this Sunday :) In the meantime we're having a lot of fun pretending we know how to take care of a baby!

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Kiss and Tell

So, funny story (or two).
Yesterday, Megs and I were out doing some shopping with the millions of crazies who decided to brave the Black Friday crowds. We didn't get up early or spend the night waiting for a Wii. We did hit a few shops later in the morning. No, this story does not involve anyone being trampled or arrested. It actually revolves around a kiss.
Having picked up a few items on our list, we headed for home. As we exited the freeway and stopped at the bottom of the off-ramp, I leaned over and gave Megan a little kiss. As I sat back in my seat, I glanced in the rear view mirror and saw an older couple watching us. I pointed this out to Megan, and we kissed again (this time with a little somethin'!). As I looked in the mirror, the old man was rubbing one index finger over the other to say, "Shame on you." The old lady was giving a good grandmotherly laugh at us and her husband. Megs and I both got a good laugh at it. Actually, I'm still laughing about it.
For all you other couples out there, take heart. A simple kiss for you may provide great entertainment for those around you. Hopefully it will kindle some romance in those who watch you share your (public-appropriate) affection.
As I was writing that story, Megs reminded me that this was actually the second time this week we had provided this type of entertainment. On Wednesday, we were in Park City driving home from the store and again were stopped at a stop light. It was the end of the day, and it was time to head home and relax. When we stopped at the light, Megs leaned over and put her head on my shoulder. A group of bikers (leather and bandana types, not granola Parkites training for the Tour de Francis) pulled up behind us. One of the two guys at the front of the group yelled out, "Oh, how cute. She's got her head on his shoulder." That was followed by some laughter and mocking, "Ohhhh..." from the group. I think they were just jealous. Either way, it was another funny experience spurred by minimum affection.

Monday, November 12, 2007

Tyler's First Week

Wow...where do I even start? We have a child now. Nothing has made that more real to me than the nights when Tyler doesn't sleep! But this has really been a fun week as well. Ryan didn't have to work for the whole week, and so the three of us got to spend every day together. It's been fun to start learning how to take care of Tyler together. We've taken about a million pictures since he was born. This is proof that maybe we've gone a little too far with the picture taking: it obvious that Tyler is already being indoctrinated by his father? :)

Ok, I've been helping in the indoctrination of our child too! These things are very important! He's got to learn now where his loyalties should be. Grandma Patsy made the blanket and the little BYU outfit. Ryan wasn't exactly thrilled! :)

He loves to just look around at everything and everyone. I'm interested to see what color eyes he's going to have. It seems inevitable that he will have blue eyes, but who knows. Maybe he'll take after his grandpa rather than his parents, the way I took after my grandpa and not my parents.

Sunday, November 4, 2007

Holding on to Dad

Baby Tyler

Tyler with Mom.

Saturday, November 3, 2007

Tyler Jon

Tyler Jon Jensen took our family of two to a family of three at 2:23am on Saturday morning. He weighed in only a half ounce shy of eight pounds (7lbs. 15.5oz.) and measured 19.5in. Both Megs and Baby Tyler are tired but in good health. The pictures explain more than I can, so enjoy this sneak peak. Feel free to let us know who you think he looks like, too!

I'll try to sent some more pictures from my phone since the hospital's WiFi leaves much to be desired.