Monday, January 28, 2008

Catch-Up Time!

Ok, I have a whole lot to talk about today in order to catch up. First off, like Ryan (his post is below this one) I was remembering President Hinckley and all the good memories I have of him, despite never having met him. He was called as prophet when I was 12. It's going to be hard to imagine anything having to do with the church without HIM. One of my coolest memories was one year at BYU our home teacher was Dave Staheli whose dad was President Hinckley's personal secretary. Dave and his roommate took us (I believe it was me, Ella, Laura, and Kate)to conference and we sat in the family section. Then we got to go up to President Hinckley's office. We saw the room where he and the Twelve meet with important people, and then we got to go in his office. I sat in his chair!! It was so cool! Then Dave's dad gave each of us President Hinckley's new book, Way to Be, and he had signed them and there was a little message dedicated to each of us. So even though I didn't get to meet him, it was a neat experience. He was a wonderful person and I will miss hearing him speak and watching him lead the music with his cane and everything else that made him such a great person!

MLK Jr. Day Brunch

Last week Kate was here in Utah and so we got together at Ella's house for brunch. I hadn't seen baby Noah yet so I was so excited! He is a cutie!
Isn't Noah absolutely adorable!

Jane is such a cutie too! Maybe Tyler will like older women when he grows up! She's only ONE year older! :)

This is Noah and Tyler having their first conversation and a friendly hug. Not that we're trying to force them to be friends or anything...but they HAVE to be friends! Noah really doesn't look very happy about it.

This is us with our children! We're missing Laura and Agnes and Ashlee and Skylar. We missed you girls. We'll definitely have to plan a reunion this year. umm...and yes, my hair looks way weird! I don't know WHAT'S going on. Notice how Jane is checking out the boys! :)

Tyler's Blessing

Tyler was blessed by his daddy on January 6, 2007. We went to my parents' ward because we didn't want everyone to have to drive up to Park City if it was snowing. And it's a good thing, because it was definitely snowing. We probably wouldn't have had anyone there! We had lunch afterward and it was fun to visit with everyone. Tyler was looking so cute in his little suit Aunt Marilyn made him. He's so sweet. He even gave Julie a kiss on the cheek! :) Kendra and Maliyah are getting so big! We tried to get Justin and Austin to sit still with their sisters so we could get a picture of all of them, but the boys were too busy sweeping the living room floor.
Aaron is also getting so big! He was so concerned with looking for something in the fridge that he didn't notice his pants had fallen down.

Random Fun

A couple weeks ago Ty and I were able to spend a Friday evening with Grandma Pat in Midway. It was a lot of fun for her and for us too. Ty was having a hard time that day because his tummy was hurting and he had just had 5 shots. But when we got to Grandma's house she took him and just talked to him and he calmed down and talked to her. It was the cutest thing.

Tyler loves to play with his daddy. Ty will sit with him and watch basketball or football, or he'll just sit on dad's leg while he's on the computer and just watch him. It's so fun to see.

It's been so cold this winter and so I was way excited when I found this cute little cover to go over Tyler's car seat. It keeps him nice and warm and we can cover his face up too. He seemed to really enjoy it the first time I put it on.

I think Ty has the most beautiful eyes. I wasn't sure if they were going to stay blue...lots of babies have deep blue or gray eyes when they are born. But his have just gotten brighter blue. I love them!

Sunday, January 27, 2008

In Memoriam: Gordon B. Hinckley

Gordon B. Hinckley, LDS president, prophet
Gordon B. Hinckley, prophet and President of the Church of jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has died at the age of ninety-seven.
I'm thankful for the great example that President Hinckley set. He was anything but a stiff, old church leader. Though he may have looked his age, he always joked and shared a pure love of the gospel of Jesus Christ. I will remember him as a charismatic leader who never shied away from bearing his testimony of the atonement of our Savior or the restoration of His church through Joseph Smith. I will remember his great sense of humor with the journalists who interviewed him. I will remember the straightforward manner in which he spoke in the church's priesthood meetings for the men of the church. I will remember the way he talked about the pioneers of the church who overcame challenges I can't imagine; being tarred and feathered, exiled from a state in the USA because of religious beliefs, being incarcerated unjustly, being poisoned while in jail, being shot while in protective custody, and walking from Nebraska to Utah in the dead of winter.
In high school and college, friends of mine jokingly and lovingly referred to President Hinckley as Yoda. We never did so mockingly. President Hinckley was full of wisdom and wit and was willing to share it in a way that made me feel like I could accomplish anything. He spoke slowly and deliberately. When he had something to say, people listened.
President Hinckley, we will miss you. Thank you for all you did.

Friday, January 18, 2008

Baby's First Holidays!

This was Tyler's first Christmas and it was really a lot of fun. There were lots of work holiday parties and family parties and all sorts of other things that made it impossible for Ty to have any sort of schedule! But it was great!

Ty really wasn't too interested in the present opening but he just really liked watching everything that was going on.

This is me missing having a dog to hug

More indoctrination of Tyler by his father (for those who don't know it, Ryan loves Legos)

Tyler's Christmas Eve outfit. I LOVE the hat!!

Tyler with his two Dennis cousins, Aaron and Cameron

...and right before being beaned in the head by Cameron

Tyler and cousin Addie

Addie's teaching him how to drink from a cup

Ty and Mommy in their cute Christmas PJ's

Ry and I got some pretty fun stuff that we were excited to model. Notice that it's mostly all cold-weather clothing and accessories. My favorite it my fur-trapper hat.

Saturday, January 5, 2008

Hello, 2008

What a whirlwind couple of months it has been! Tyler celebrated his two-month birthday on Thursday by sleeping almost completely through the night. Mom and Dad were both ecstatic. He has grown so much in the last nine weeks. Ty can almost sit up on his own for more than a few seconds. He's fine unless he realizes there's nothing holding him. Once that moment hits, he either throws himself to one side (which looks oddly like some kind of weird yoga pose), or he bends forward like he wants to touch his toes. It's all very cute.

Here is the two-month rundown of Tyler's life to this point.
•Birth: He seemed happy to finally be here, and Mom was REALLY glad to have him finally be here.
•Thanksgiving: Ty visited both families for Thanksgiving.
•Church: Ty does great at church right now. There's no screaming yet, and he's fooled everyone into thinking he never cries. Mom and Dad know better. Maybe we should post pictures of that instead of the smiles one day!
•Boy Scouts: Ty decided to get a head-start on earning his Eagle Scout award and came to Scouts one week. Funny how a little baby can make even the most tough guy, wannabe gangster teenagers smile and laugh just by being there. We'd tried to include him in the basketball game after the lesson, but his dribbling and our dribbling were two different things.
•Christmas: Ty was the center of attention at two work parties, multiple family parties, and the gatherings with friends for the holidays. It's a lot of fun to see how differently everyone acts around him. At one of the work parties, Ty sat on Santa's lap for the first time. There was a collective sigh when he sat down and looked up at the big, bearded man. He didn't cry or shy away. He looked inquisitively at the new sight of white facial hair and a red suit. Unfortunately, Mom and Dad didn't have the cameras out for that one. Ty also had his first sleep-over for Christmas as we were snowed in and unable to make it up the canyon on Christmas Eve. That night, the three of us stayed with Megs' parents. The whole joy of opening presents with him will have to wait for another year. He didn't care about any of that this time around.
•A Cold: Around Christmas, Ty had his first real cold of his life. The poor guy was coughing and sneezing quite a bit. We had to use the bulb to clear his nose when he couldn't breathe in the middle of the night. Saline became a constant companion to help him clear his nasal passages. Not fun for any involved!
•The Cold: No, I'm not repeating myself. Megs already talked about this one, but it can't be said enough. It's cold in our neck of the woods. As I speak, Mother Nature is blessing us with more snow outside my window. After a slow start to the water year, December and the first week of January have more than made up for what was missed. Ty's still too small to strap on some skis or a board and enjoy the Greatest Snow on Earth, but I'm sure that will come soon enough. Until then, he'll have to get used to being layered like Italian lasagna.
•2008: We spent New Year's with friends down in the valley, and Ty was magnificent. He fell asleep around ten and slept until five the next morning. It was great. Megs and I should have probably gotten some sleep ourselves, but we had too much fun playing Catch Phrase, Uno and Phase 10.

I know a lot of you were hoping for more pictures than words, but we've misplace the USB cable, so this will have to suffice for now. Besides, it's good for you to do some reading! Here are a few photos to whet your appetite.

Dennis Family at Thanksgiving
•This is a picture of Megs' family at Thanksgiving. It was rather impromptu, but it turned out to be a good photo.

Gentle Mom with Ty
•As a young man, we are trying to instill in our child the values we hold dear. Bathing is important! As long as the water is as hot as Mom dares make it without fear of burning Ty, he is pretty happy. Lukewarm just won't cut it.

Tyler at Salt Lake International Airport
•Tired babies are cute babies unless they're crying. Luckily, Ty usually sticks to the cute part unless we're at home!

Bundled Ty
•Similar to the hot water issue, Ty also likes being under so many blankets he begins to sweat. If you try to tuck him in to tightly, he won't have it. He wants to be able to move his arms and suck on his knuckles at will. He also believes that the head should be as warm as the rest of the body, so he will always find a way to worm his way completely under his blankets or jacket. Just like his parents, this kid likes it hot!