Friday, February 22, 2008

News from Tyler's world

Ty has had lots of firsts in the last couple months. A very important one was his first pinewood derby! He and his daddy were Team Ty! The car was so cute! Unfortunately, it wasn't so great in the speed category!

Tyler had his first play in the snow this month. I put him in one of his snowsuits ( A Christmas Story anyone?), and put him outside in the snow on the deck. He really didn't mind it very much. He just looked around...but didn't do much moving because, well, he couldn't. We have gotten an incredible amount of snow here on Deer Mountain. These are pictures of the sidewalk leading up to our building. The windows you can see on the right are our windows...and we're on the top floor. Meaning that our downstairs neighbors' windows are completely covered by these lovely snowbanks. How's that for hibernation and isolation?? If we lived one floor below I would probably be in the depths of some pretty serious winter blues by now. And check out those icicles! What the crap?! That's our next door neighbors' windows. We've got a few on ours but not completely covering them like theirs. We really have the best apartment location in the building, apparently. We've had some pretty nasty storms, but on the other hand we have some spectacular views of the Jordanelle after the storms are over.

Ty has a new favorite place to sit. It's called a Bumbo and it's sooo cool! (Thanks Molly!)So when we're watching TV, or cooking or just hanging out, Ty will just chill in there. He loves being able to sit up by himself. Although, he's started to do it for real lately. And he loves standing too. Yesterday I put him in front of the couch and he held on and stayed standing by himself. He had his first go at being a soux chef the other day. He liked the spoon, but couldn't really get the stirring motion down. And then he tried to eat the packet itself instead of opening it and pouring the contents into the bowl. So, he may need to spend some time at the CIA (Culinary Institute of America).

This is Ty's first attempted use of tissue and a prescription drug. The tissue ended up in his mouth but luckily the meds didn't. Those were a better rattle than a pain reliever. Hopefully he won't be figuring out how to open childproof bottles anytime soon!

I wouldn't want to forget a very important first that Ryan had this month. His first dance with my father. Yeah, that's really Ryan and my dad dancing.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Primera Fiesta de Tyler

Last night we went to a small latina fiesta at our church, and we took Tyler along for his first shot at some latin dancing! Megan's mom and dad and little brother and sister came with us, too. It's always fun for me to watch Megan's mom and dad dance. Her mom insists that it has taken twenty-eight years to be as good as they are, but I find that hard to believe. They look like they were born to dance (Jorge is Mexican, so he really was born with the right blood). Even more fun is watching Megan dance with Jorge. I'm one of the whitest white boys that ever was white. Don't let the Spanish fool you. I'm white. I am not a great dancer. I play basketball. I need a pivot foot. Three steps = traveling in my world. Yeah, it's a bit of a change. Every time I try to dance in public I draw my share of chuckles and applause for the effort. Last night I did a little better, but I think Megan would like me to do some more genealogy work to see if there is at least one drop of latin blood in my feet. I don't think we'll ever find that, but I'll keep trying.
I'm happy to say that Tyler does at least have a fighting chance to be a dancer. He's already shown that he loves listening to music, moving his hips while standing, and showing off for the ladies. The funny thing about last night, though, was that he slept through the first two hours of the party! The DJ was playing music the whole time. Families were coming and going. Ty's blankie was tugged. His cheeks were pulled. Nothing. He didn't budge. The kid can wake up to the sound of a camera's shutter or a snow shovel two buildings away. Music, no matter how loud, does not faze him. When he did wake up, he was ready to be fully immersed in the fiesta. He danced with a few couples. He bounced from table to table, making appearances like any star would.
Enough of what I have to say. You're all here for the pictures. I know. And as a reward for your patience, I'm including a video of Megan and Jorge putting me to shame and dancing up a storm.

Monday, February 4, 2008

Gilmore Girls

So, I have a new favorite TV show. Aside from Monk. It used to be "24" but I would get kind of scary while watching it. Like...I would scream at the TV and all the characters on it who were doing stupid things. I'm pretty sure I frightened Ryan on more than one occasion. It is much easier to stay calm while watching Gilmore Girls. And guess who turned me on to this show. My husband. He loves a show called Gilmore Girls. Yeah. I had never watched it before Ry and I got married. One night we were checking out what was on TV and Gilmore Girls was on. Ryan told me that this was one of his favorite shows and so of course I thought he was weird. We watched part of it and I really wasn't impressed. I thought the mom was way too sarcastic and never serious, and the daughter was a terrible actress. We stopped watching it, and I didn't give it another chance until I was pregnant with Tyler. It comes on every day at 3:00 on ABC Family. So I started watching it, and I must say that it is one of the funniest and best written shows on TV! I realized that Lorelai's sarcasm is part of what makes it funny, and that Alexis Bledel (Rory) is not a bad actress, she's just playing a normal, kind of shy, very kind, high-school girl. Who would have thought? Nothing like 90210, or even "those damn Dawson's river kids" (Who can name the movie???) where the high-school kids look and act more like they're in their late 20's.

The thing I love about Gilmore Girls is that there are so many characters that are each so different. They live in this little town called Stars Hollow and everyone knows everyone else, and there are some REALLY weird people. Like Kirk the 30-something who still lives with his mom and has worked at basically every establishment in Stars Hollow. Or Michel, the angry Frenchman who works at the front desk of the Independence Inn. And Mrs. Kim who is a Korean religious fanatic. And don't forget the Gilmores, Lorelai's rich parents. And Lorelai and Rory...they have a very interesting relationship that is more like best friends than mother and daughter.
I like the following clips because they show a little bit of each person's personality and weirdness! A couple of them are kind of long, but I like them all so I didn't want to cut any out. The first one is a scene in Luke's Diner. the second is a bunch of clips of Sookie, the cook at the Independence Inn and Lorelai's best friend. The third is a bunch of random clips. The fourth is random clips of Michel set to music (yes, there are people who love this show even MORE than I do, if you can imagine that) but it's annoying because not all the clips have sound. But it was the best one I could find of him.
Watch em, or don't watch em, whatever. Oh yeah, and no I don't own these clips, they are merely "copied from YouTube for entertainment purposes," blah, blah, blah...Enjoy!
(P.S. I'm on season 5 so anyone who has seen more than that, feel free NOT to ruin anything for me! Thanks.)