Monday, March 31, 2008

My baby is growing up so fast!

I am amazed at how quickly time passes. It feels like it was LAST WEEK that we brought Tyler home from the hospital. He was so tiny! He now weighs somewhere around 16 lbs. and is 2.2 ft. tall. He is in the 75th percentile for his height. It's so fun to see the new things that he does every day.

Ty has graduated to step 1 baby food. He refused to eat rice cereal and so I thought maybe he just wasn't ready for solid food. But then I gave him carrots, and he loved them! He'll eat a whole jar in 10 minutes and still be hungry! He eats carrots and applesauce now, and this week we'll introduce bananas.

Last week was Easter and Ty had fun playing with his cousins and his basket. He sat up all by himself for a really long time! It was amazing! Usually he'll sit up for a few seconds at a time, but this was crazy!

What is Tyler laughing at?

Aaron's Mickey Mouse undies hanging out! Aaron is now fully potty-trained and is very proud of it!

"If anyone tries to take my easter eggs, he'll get a YAH! and a HA YAH!"

Ty had fun playing in an empty box last week.

Ty and Daddy are buddies. crazy is THIS?! Is he going to be walking at 9 months?

Fun with new old friends

During the past couple months Ty has gotten to meet some of my favorite people. We've been fortunate to have had several of them come visit US here in snowy PC (yes...we just got about a foot of new snow in the past couple days). Here are some pics from our fun times.

Nicole Paige Schmidt came to visit! We took her to see Molly's condo because she's thinking it might be fun to move to Park City! That would be awesome! Then we got some food and just hung out at our house for a bit. We had fun taking pictures, even though I don't think Tyler was very amused. He has the cutest chubby cheeks!!

Laura Read came to Utah! Kate was here that weekend too so we got together at Laura's mom's house and had breakfast.

Ty and Noah had fun playing on the floor together...

until Noah clocked Ty in the head.

I think this was Ty's first time experiencing jealousy. He was just fine on my lap until I picked Noah up. Then he was MAD!

This was my first Girl's Night Out without Ty in a long time! Laura and Holly came to visit, and got to meet Ty. But then we left him with Ry and went and had dinner on Main Street. We went to The Eating Establishment where I'm pretty sure we overstayed our welcome. It closes at like 10 and we didn't even notice they were closed until about an hour after when I realized they had finished cleaning up and we were the only ones left! They came back to our house and we stayed up talking until like 3 am! When they left and I was going to bed, Ty decided to wake up. Needless to say, I was a zombie the next day. Nights like that are probably going to happen only once a year.

Ashlee and Skylar came to visit! We went to Thanksgiving Point with them and Ella and Jane and Ty loved it! He really enjoys being outside in the stroller.

Ty's first stroller ride of his life was last month when Kelly and I went to Provo. It was warm enough to go for a walk. It was so wonderful to be outside! I discovered that I am extremely out of shape! Bring on the Springtime!! We'll be outside every day!

Friday, March 28, 2008

Where I was.

20 Years Ago: In March of 1988 I think my parents were telling Kelly, Jodi and me that we were going to be moving to Las Vegas. I was excited to be moving somewhere where I could jump on a trampoline whenever I wanted (my cousins had one!). I was in Mrs. Richardson's second grade class, and I hated learning to carry in math. I hated playing tag at recess where everyone would say to me, "Hey, laser lips, your mama was a snowblower." Can anyone name that movie?

10 Years Ago: Do I really want to talk about this? Ten years ago, I was trying really hard to graduate from high school. It's not that classes were hard, but they were hard to attend at times. I was enjoying a few things about senior year that happened at the school. We finally had a roof that didn't leak. We were able to kidnap the '99 class of Madrigals. I loved reading "The Bean Trees" in Mrs. J's English class. I also loved an hour every day where I could draw anything I wanted in Mr. Trimming's Commercial Art class. At this time ten years ago, I was watching the University of Utah as they marched to the Final Four (coincidentally, it was held in San Antonio that year and will be held there this year). The Utes lost to the Kentucky Wildcats in the championship game. 

5 Years Ago: I was attending Utah State University and living in an apartment affectionately known as "The Crow's Nest" with Nate and Lance. My Aggies were trying to beat the Kansas Jayhawks in a 15 vs 2 matchup. They were one three-point basket away from overtime, but Desmond Pinegar took the shot instead of dishing to one of two open guards. I was also becoming addicted to PlayStation and Madden's infamous video game. I also got a sprained ankle in the first round of our stake basketball tournament. Oh, the days of playing basketball at the drop of a hat. Hmm... Seems like I didn't quite do much studying that year.

3 Years Ago: For some reason I was celebrating Jerry Sloan's 63rd birthday. I was working at USU after having graduated a few months before. I was also waiting for Megan to get home from Brazil even though she didn't know it.

1 Year Ago: I was skiing at Alta in the midst of the last big spring storm. And even though I had a good time, one of our interns suffered a separated shoulder after crashing in the powder. A year ago also happens to be the time when Megan and I were finding out she was pregnant with Tyler. That was a cool moment!

So Far This Year: Well, I don't really know what to say. This has been a crazy and eventful year. Watching Tyler grow has been amazing. Watching Megan become a mom has been fun for me. Megan and I are working on starting a new company, and my beautiful wife has let me file to run for the Utah House of Representatives. That part of the story is yet to be written, but we're off to a good start.

Yesterday: I made Megan some cranberry muffins and orange juice for breakfast since I didn't have to go to work until later in the day. In the evening, Megan and Tyler accompanied me to a conference I was attending for work. We were supposed to go to dinner with Ella and Matt, but that didn't work out (sorry guys!). 

Today: Fridays are good days! It was the end of another work week. Megan and I watched "Enchanted" after Tyler went to bed. 

I tag: Mumchevy, TraZ and Fredo.

Monday, March 17, 2008

Where Were You...

20 Years Ago: I was 5 years old and living in Rose Park, UT. I was in kindergarten at Backman Elementary. My teacher was Ms. Beatty and she was the best! I loved playing on the bubble and the monkey bars during recess. This is actually when I started liking boys. I had a "boyfriend" named Daniel Erickson. He had white blond hair and he smiled a lot. Being "boyfriend and girlfriend" meant that we sat by each other on the tape line during story time, and played catch with a kickball during recess. The relationship ended when I decided I didn't want to play with him anymore and so I threw the kickball past him and when he ran to get it... I ran away.

10 Years Ago: Sophomore year of high school. I was 15 and so upset that my birthday wasn't until August so I couldn't go to the dances or drive. Three people that could drive early and the HOT cars they drove: Steve Freebairn and the VW Golf while jamming to Everclear, Robby Clark and the Orange Datsun rocking out to some EFY tunes (depending on the day), and Melanie Christensen and the white Pontiac (don't remember the signature music). I had a crush on a SENIOR that year. No it wasn't Ryan. My husband and I were attending the same school and I was completely oblivious. Well...I'm pretty sure he was MORE oblivious! I don't remember this person's name, but he was in my animal science class ( sophomore year I was technically a member of the FFA. No I did not attend any cattle neutering events). I remember watching Sixteen Candles and hoping that the same thing would happen to me. No...not the part where a nerdy Freshman asks to borrow Molly Ringwald's underwear to show to a bathroom full of boys. The part where the Senior she has a crush on actually likes her back! The day he actually called me I was on top of the world!! Blah Blah Blah! Uh yeah...let's move on the more exciting years

5 Years Ago: I was attending BYU. By this time I had attended BYU for one year, met and dated Ryan, transferred to USU for one semester, broken up with Ryan, gone to China for 5 months, dated Ryan again, gone BACK to BYU, and broken up with Ryan again (or was it that HE broke up with ME...?). I was living with Kate, Laura, Carrie and Laura Bradford at this point. I had put in my mission papers and was waiting for my call! It was at almost exactly this time 5 years ago that I wrote in my journal that I would love to be called to the Brazil Campinas mission.

3 Years Ago: I was living in Colonia Jundiai in the Brazil Campinas mission! I was training Regia Nagila Sarmento Alencar, an awesome girl from Northern Brazil who will be coming to Utah next month to go to school!! We lived in a little house behind a house... behind a house. Our home was a haven for ants. If I was eating something during study time and put it on my desk, it would be covered with ants in approximately 10 seconds. No exaggerating. My favorite day would have to be when I was showering and I smelled something funny. All of a sudden raw sewage started seeping out of the drain and all over my feet. I will never forget the day that I found out what my companion's worst fear in life is. We were clapping at a house and all of a sudden, Sister Alencar took off running down the street screaming. I ran after her thinking she had seen something scary. When she finally stopped, all out of breath I asked what it was.
"Was it a rat, or a snake or a tarantula??"
" was a...mnnmnmsmn..." (She couldn't even get the word out of her mouth)
"A WHAT?!"
"Something nasty and filthy that doesn't deserve to be alive!"
"An awful disgusting... SNAIL!" (And then she started dry heaving and had to sit down and put her head between her knees)
I don't think I've laughed so hard in my ENTIRE life. Then I felt bad because she was seriously traumatized.
Brazil was awesome and that time in my life was sooo wonderful, despite the ants, raw sewage and snails.

1 Year Ago: At this time in 2007 Ryan and I were FINALLY married (after much drama) and I had just found out that I was pregnant with Tyler. For some reason we started thinking that I was pregnant with a girl and we always referred to her as Gabriella. Yeah, poor Tyler was in there screaming at us to stop calling him a girl!! Luckily that didn't go on for very long before we found out that it was BOY! We spent the rest of my pregnancy apologizing profusely.

So Far This Year: WOW! Life is great! I'm married to my best friend (I know, such a cliche, but it's soooo true!), and we have a wonderful little boy. Married life before he got here was great too, but now life is just...I don't know. It just feels complete! No that doesn't mean that we're only going to have one child! Tyler will have siblings. It's so fun to see him grow and learn to do new things and I LOVE finally being the one that the baby wants when he's crying. It's such a neat feeling! I absolutely love watching Ryan play with Tyler and talk to him. He's such a good daddy. News for this year...we've decided to stay in Park City and start a business. We're looking for a place to buy and Ryan is going to run for office.

Yesterday: Uh weeell...yesterday was stake conference and we missed it. We never have to set alarms anymore because Tyler is a pretty dependable wake-up call. He just happened to pick yesterday to not wake up until almost 10. Ryan had worked about 13 hours on Friday and 17 on Saturday and didn't get home until midnight and so he was pretty tired. By the time we all woke was kinda late. But we had a productive day anyway. We had ma and pa training for the pioneer trek we'll be going on in July. Then we ran home to make dinner for someone, then ran to a baptism. Baptisms in the Spanish branch always include dinner afterward. I love it! We had white chicken chili, arroz con leche, breadsticks, salad, etc. After that we enjoyed the daylight that we still had left (I LOVE daylight savings time!) and drove around to look at houses. The cheapest one we saw was $440,000. HA!

Today: It's 11:00 am and I'm watching Rachael Ray in my pajamas while Ty takes a nap. Then we're going to do mommy and baby yoga (I bought a DVD on ebay and today it will make it's debut. I'll let you know how it goes), then we're going to go to Albertson's. Pretty exciting day!!

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Saturday, March 8, 2008

2008 World Superpipe

Two years of working at the local TV station gave me a lot of opportunities to attend some great events in the Park City area, but I was always wishing I could be there for fun, not work. Now that I have moved on to a new place of employment, I am able to go to these events and enjoy them with Megan and Tyler! One of these events was this weekend.

World Superpipe entrance

The 2008 World Superpipe was held today at Park City Mountain Resort. The Eagle Superpipe is the same pipe that was used for the 2002 Winter Olympic Games, and it is still the biggest pipe in North America at 22 feet tall. This makes for some tough runs for the ladies, but it is awesome for the men who weigh more and get more momentum flying into the air. This morning Australia's Torah Bright won her third consecutive WSC title. Shawn White repeated his title from last year. And Kiwi Josiah Wells won the ski portion of the contest.

Below are a few pictures from our day.

Megan and Tyler
• Here are Megan and Tyler enjoying a little bit of sun and snow.

Ryan and Tyler
• We had Tyler in his cute snow outfit that Connie and Ed gave him. He is so cute in it!

• No, I don't know this guy, but his daughter is two, and she was skiing! Are you kidding me?

Shawn White World Superpipe 2008
• Shawn White killed everyone else in the competition on his first two runs. With a home right at the resort, he does get a fair bit of practice in on this pipe.

Shawn White World Superpipe 2008
• Shawn's not the biggest guy in the world, but he gets a ton of air in this pipe. Somehow he is able to maintain most of his speed and keep the big air coming all the way to the finish line. Did I mention how much I love my camera?

Shawn White World Superpipe 2008
• More Shawn.

Torah Bright World Superpipe 2008
• This is Miss Torah Bright. I would dare say half the teenage boys who come to this competition are there to see Torah. She is a favorite of the media, too. Two of the five top finishers were from Japan. Another was a Kiwi. Another is 2002 Olympic Gold Medalist Kelly Clark.

Nicole Roundy
• Nicole Roundy is a cancer survivor from Bountiful. She is snowboarder and a wakeboarder. "Can't" isn't in her vocabulary.

Keith Deutsch
• This is Keith Deutsch. He and Nicole Roundy (above) were forerunners for this year's event. They are both snowboarding with prosthetic legs. The crowd loved them! It was great to see them out on the pipe.

• This is Justin Lamoureux from Whistler, BC. He didn't have the best day, but he was in the right spot at the right time for me and my camera.

• This is Justin, as well.

• This is Mitch Allen from Berrara, NSW.