Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Random Park City Fun!

I love living in the Park City area! Especially during the spring and summer months when it's not quite so crowded. A couple of weekends ago, Ryan and I took Tyler for a walk and saw so many fun things.

This is called the Sound Garden. It's got some different fun ways to make music. There are different sizes of wooden poles, and old car parts and even a soundboard of a piano. Tyler loved it!

We kept walking and the trail runs through a little tunnel where there is a mural painted on the entire surface of the walls and ceiling. "Life in the Ontario Mine."

Continuing along the trail we came to Shoe Tree Park. Why is it called that? Take a look! Instead of writing your name on a wall or carving your name in the wood, you throw your shoes into the tree. Quite a way of saying "I was here!"

When we got to the top of that trail we came down main street and went into the Scanlan gallery. They take the most amazing photographs around the world. So beautiful! When I have thousands of dollars to spend on one photograph, I will buy one of theirs to hang in my home. I mean I could afford like a 5x7 print...but, honestly, what is that compared to having an Italian landscape taking up half a wall of your house. It's well worth the time to go and check this out!

We cut over to Park Avenue and had to take a picture of the house Ryan would love to own one day. It's really cute!

When we got to the bottom we headed over to City Park and ate 7 Eleven hot dogs and watched the neighborhood softball game. It was a wonderful Friday night!

Now here's the other thing I love about Park City. Yard sales! I had debated going out on Saturday morning, but had decided not to. Well, when Saturday morning came, I was awake and ready to go, so Tyler and I went. I'm so glad we did!! I got the entire collection of Baby Einstein DVD's, brand new, for $10. I saw this collection at Costco for over $100. Then I found a way cute Pottery Barn Kids free-standing coat rack for $10. Then, the best came at the last one I decided to stop by really quick before heading home. I have been looking for something to put in our entryway for the longest time. A little table...or just SOMETHING to fill the space there. I've seen small, flimsy-looking tables at TJ Maxx for $40-$50, but they just weren't that cute or really what I was looking for. So I was soooo excited to find this beautiful, "shabby-chic" type, solid light-oak table with a mirror for only $50. It's so perfect! I'll put a picture up soon. And the guy even brought it down to the apartment for me! Can't get much better than that! So, obviously, my day of yard sale hopping was a success. The next item on my list is a high chair for Tyler. I actually found one that day, but I didn't really feel like paying $50 for a high chair. ("But it's a $300 high chair!" Oh really? I'm sorry YOU paid that much for a high chair in the first place!)I know, I know. High chairs really can be expensive, but it's a yard sale. I've seen good ones for 10 bucks at yard sales. I'll keep looking!

Ok, and one more thing. Park City has a fabulous farmer's market. Check it out!

I have been going crazy about the fact that we could a buy a tiny condo here for the price of a really good-size home in Salt Lake or Bountiful. I have felt like we're crazy for spending that much money for something so small. But the truth is, I now see why people do it. It's really worth it just to get to live here. So, we're probably going to end up living in a little condo for a while, but that's ok!

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Happy Birthday Ryan!

Ryan will be turning 28 tomorrow (May 23) and I just wanted to wish him a happy, happy birthday! Ry has told me on numerous occasions that his parents told him that it was snowing on the day he was born. Well, I'd just like to point out that he may get another snowy birthday if tomorrow turns out just like today. Welcome to May 23rd! Have some more snow!! Happy Birthday sweetie! You're an amazing husband and a wonderful daddy. We love you!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Lucia Jackson

This beautiful little girl whose family is a part of our branch had an accident on Sunday and is now in intensive care at Primary Children's. Please keep her in your prayers.
Lucy, we love you and are praying for you!

Friday, May 16, 2008

October 2003 - April 2005

So I was looking through a bunch of pictures recently and realized that pretty much no one has seen my mission pictures except my family. Actually I came across a lot of pictures that haven't been seen for a while, so my next few posts will be about
random people and events.

I met some of the most wonderful people in Brazil!

I swear this did not happen every day

One of my favorite things about Brazil is the food!! This family made us FIVE desserts on this particular day. WHAT??

All the sisters in the Brazil MTC at Christmas time. Yeah, that's it!

Uh...Halloween...or something?

Another thing I love about Brazil...hammocks everywhere! I kind of like animals

Ok, I DIDN'T love the showers! Can you say "Risk of electric shock"?

I love the Campinas temple. The celestial room is pink and purple! It's so beautiful!

I have never seen rain like in Brazil. Being in the rain was like jumping into a swimming pool...without actually jumping into a swimming pool.

Capoeira in the park

Look I found the straight and narrow path!! Who knew it was in a favela in Brazil? :)
There were SO MANY random churches in Brazil. I got to visit a few of them and it was a very interesting experience.

My first place of residence


I love being a mommy

Last week Ry and I were in Salt Lake and Ryan said to me that he needed to do some Mother's Day shopping. We already had stuff for both of our moms and so I asked him if he didn't like what we had gotten for his mom. He stopped, stared at me, and said, "Ummm....for YOU!" Oh...right. Cause I'm a mom too. I forget sometimes. Well, I mean, it's kind of hard to FORGET, you know what I mean? It's just weird that this year, I'm a MOM! I swear I just graduated from high school like YESTERDAY! How can I be a mom?!
Anyway, I simply love it. There's nothing like having your 6-month old give you kisses! Tyler does, and it's the cutest thing in the world. Sometimes in the morning, or when I get him up from a nap, he'll be so excited and he'll burrow his head into me, then he'll put both of his hands on my face, and say "aaahhh" and he opens his mouth wide and puts it on my cheek or on my nose. It makes me melt!

I need to say thank you to my wonderful mother for always being there for me, even in my brattiest stages (probably between 12 and 14...or maybe she would say between 12 and 18...). I've always felt that I could talk to her about anything and I'm grateful for that. I'm so thankful for the wonderful opportunities I've had in life thanks to my mom and dad. Thank you mom! I love you!

Also, I have to say that I could not have asked for a better mother-in-law. I'm so thankful for the way she raised her son to be such a good person! Linda, you're wonderful! Thanks for everything you do for Ryan and me! I love you!

Monday, May 12, 2008

May (snow) Showers

In case you were wondering, this is what park city looks like on May 12.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Tuesday Afternoon a la Jane Austen

I love Jane Austen. Pride and Prejudice was the first of her books that I read, and it is probably my favorite book of all time. She has such a great sense of humor! So "tongue-in-cheek." She's so subtle that if you don't pay attention, you could miss the fact that she is mercilessly making fun of someone! I just finished reading Persuasion. That and Mansfield Park are the only two that I hadn't read yet. I loved this book as well. There is one paragraph in particular that made me realize that certain terms are NOT new, but were perhaps even used back in the 18th and 19th centuries. So as you read this next part remember that Persuasion was published in 1818 (only almost two hundred years ago), and then let me know if you are as surprised as I was.

"He had, in fact, though his sisters were now doing all they could for him, by calling him 'poor Richard,' been nothing better than a thick-headed, unfeeling, unprofitable Dick Musgrove, who had never done anything to entitle himself to more than the abbreviation of his name, living or dead."

I almost died laughing after reading this. And then I read it to Ryan and HE almost died laughing. I mean, seriously. There is NO more polite way to say that this guy was a serious idiot. I LOVE it!

So since we're talking about Jane Austen and her interesting (and sometimes lengthy) way of telling a story, I'm going to attempt to "Austenize" the following events, which took place this week.

"The winter in Deer Mountainshire had been so harsh and unforgiving as to induce a certain pallor in the countenances of those who occupied the rooms at Todd Hollow number 555. Few winters could be remembered that were quite as generally disagreeable and cold as this. Even as the fifth month of the year was commencing (at which time it is expected that the snow and ice will have long since begun to melt away, and the flowers and birds will have reintroduced themselves), said persons of the family name of Jensen were still waiting for the whole of a week to go by without seeing any of the fluffy white substance that had taken seemingly permanent residence on the grounds surrounding their establishment. It appeared that it was simply not to be. They waited...

And waited...

"On the sixth day of the fifth month, however, the sun had decided (whether by its own good graces or as a result of the prayers of the many residents who were growing positively ill and indisposed) to show itself, and the temperature was such that the use of only a light jacket was in order for any who wished to venture out of doors. Mr. Jensen, who was the head of the household at 555 Todd Hollow, had an appointment to keep on that morning in the city, and Mrs. Jensen , wife of the aforementioned gentleman, was sufficiently agitated and restless as to desire an outing of the sort that would lift and revive her spirits, as well as those of her child, who was no more than a babe. The weather was so agreeable on said date so as to induce both parties to meet at midday and take a turn about a large grassy area by the name of Sugarhouse, which had become a favorite of the general population for outings of the sort that Mrs. Jensen so longed for.

"'Here were funds of enjoyment!' They enjoyed a meal on a grassy knoll directly facing a pond in the which there were various types of wildlife floating and swimming about and in general providing a certain fashion of entertainment to those who ventured near the edges of the water. The baby, who a short time before this date had begun to feed himself various assortments of biscuits, was delighted with the nourishment set before him and was therefore exceedingly happy, and no less of a joy than he had been before the meal was presented.

Thereafter the small group set out to the water, taking with them a sack containing puffed kernels of corn with the hope of inducing any number of feathered beasts to venture near enough that the baby, who was consequently given the christian name of Tyler, might catch a glimpse of them at arms-length.

"After a short interval, Mr. Jensen was pressed upon with the need to return to his place of employment, and withdrew from the party, albeit regretfully, expressing his wishes that they would meet again at their place of residence in the evening hours. Mrs. Jensen, still not satisfied that she had regained complete well-being from the short outing, resolved to continue her jaunting out-of-doors. She placed the baby in his pram and started out on a most agreeable-looking footpath that appeared to surround the whole of the park. By this time the sun had reached such a force that she had no need in any way of the jacket which she had brought to ward off any remaining chill in the air. As a fact, when she was quite satisfied with the walk and came to a halt, she actually found that she had a slight dampening of her brow which was, at the present time, so unfamiliar that it drew an exclamation of surprise and even delight. Tyler was found to be quite exhausted after their outing in the sun, and had fallen to sleep straightaway. Under such circumstances it was that Mrs. Jensen found herself a most delightful tree under which to situate herself, on a beautiful quilt, with a book written by a woman with the name of Austen.

"And so it was by such warmth of the day, such general readiness of the parties to shed their melancholy spirits, such cheerfulness of conditions, that the well-being of the family of Jensen returned, with a hope that the following days and months would continue to bring sunshine (and even rain, as opposed to snow) in order to sustain the dispositions of those residing at Todd Hollow and the surrounding areas."

Translation: It was a beautiful day on Tuesday and so Ryan met me and Tyler at Sugarhouse park after a meeting he had in Salt Lake. We had lunch and then took Tyler down to feed the ducks. Ryan went back to work, and Tyler and I went for a walk around the park. Then Tyler took a nap and I read a book under a tree. It was wonderful and we are much happier now.

Wow...Jane Austen might have had a couple of books of not more than maybe 3 chapters each if she hadn't used the language she did!! :)