Wednesday, July 30, 2008

July Continued

So all of a sudden, it's the end of July. That technically means that we have a month left of summer. That means that if it snows in September we'll have a grand total of TWO months that we didn't have snow here in beautiful Park City. TWO. I'm pretty sure that when I decided to marry Ryan, I didn't agree to move to Alaska.

Even so, we've had a fun summer so far! Boating, hiking, camping, Pioneer Trek, picnics, etc.
Tyler is getting so big! I can't believe the things he's learning every day. He's already nine months! Where does time go? He doesn't crawl yet, but he walks around holding on to the couch. He loves standing up. The only sad thing is that he won't just sit with me anymore. If I'm holding him he has to be standing up on my lap. No more cuddling :(

He's such a little smartie though. The other night after we put him in bed he just wouldn't go to sleep (he's usually really good about going to sleep). He screamed for a few minutes, and so I went in and picked him up for a couple minutes and then put him back in his bed. He was quiet for about ten seconds and then screamed for another few minutes. I went back in and picked him up again. This time he was reaching toward the door and saying "Da Da Da Da." I didn't really think that meant anything other than he wanted to stay up! So I put him back in bed, and again he screamed. Finally, I told Ryan I thought Ty needed to tell him good night again. Ryan went in and picked him up, gave him a hug and a kiss, said good night, and put him back in bed. Tyler rolled over and went right to sleep! This kid is definitely a Daddy's boy!

Ty has also learned how to clap and he'll do it when there's something he likes or sometimes just to get attention. Ryan has been subbing for the host of Mountain Views this week. Ty and I were watching him yesterday and Ty started clapping, then the band that was there that day came on and started playing and Ty immediately started shaking his head. It was hilarious! It's so fun to see his personality coming through.

Ty, Marcella, Dahlia (2 little girls from our branch) and I went to the gardens at Thanksgiving Point with Mom and Sarah a few weeks ago. It was lots of fun.

So...time for a haircut??

Ty has already learned good texting form.

Just a short update. There's more to come, including pioneer trek pics!

P.S. Oh yeah...Ty currently has FIVE teeth!!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

4th of July Week

We had a CRAZY fun time the week of the fourth. On Wednesday we went to the Oakley Rodeo. Before it started we got to have a barbecue with the Park City Chamber of Commerce. It's the only barbecue I've ever been to that has been catered by a restaurant. Go figure! Ty loved the rodeo! He was really into it, and loved seeing all the animals

Thursday night we went to the Real game. We didn't have regular tickets, we had passes to go up onto the 6th floor. Pretty Famous Dave's barbecue and all that. But it just didn't work with Ty. He wanted to be outside. So we went and found some seats outside and had fun watching the game. Sorry no pics of that.

Friday morning we went to the Park City parade on Main Street. We were actually going to be in it for Ryan's work, but it started before we got up to the top and so we sat and watched until the NAC passed us, then fell in with them. So Ty has now been in his first parade!

In the evening we went and watched fireworks at Carla and Craig's house. We could see the ones at Riverton Park from their deck.