Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Camping, picnics and fun!

So there are a lot of random things I have yet to post about now that summer is almost over. I can't believe it's gone so quickly! In the last month Ty has finally learned to crawl (which I am totally not ready for yet, I discovered yesterday when he was sticking his fingers in outlets), and he walks around holding onto furniture, occasionally daring to let go. I'll post more pictures of all that later.

We went on a branch camp out a couple of weekends ago up in the Uintas. We were camped next to the Bear River about an hour and a half up the canyon. It was so beautiful. This was Tyler's first camping experience and so we weren't really sure what to expect, but he really had fun! Other than the below-freezing temperatures we got overnight, it was great! We missed all of you that couldn't come.

Carmela, Earle, Ethan and...Isaac? Or is it Zephan? I can never tell those two apart, especially when they're sleeping.

The beautiful Bear River in the morning

Ty was passed around to everyone! He had a lot of fun! He and David became good friends.

Recognize this face? Sister Alvarez! There's a BOY laying in your lap!! Oh that's right, she's not a missionary anymore. She and Kent got married a couple weeks ago. So we had to keep an eye on them. Carmela, Shiona and I went and shook up their tent a little bit when they mysteriously disappeared a little too early in the evening. :)

Cute Marcela! Tyler loves this little girl!

Ty got his own sleeping bad and almost went to bed, but then heard all the fun going on outside and wanted to come play. We had a great time hanging out with everyone around the campfire.

Ty had fun playing the rocks and sandSHEEP! Yeah, we saw sheep crossing signs on our way up and in the morning we had stop and let a ton of them cross the road!

My two cute boys!

We finally all got to sleep around midnight, but Ty and I didn't sleep too well. He ended up in my sleeping bag and he moves around A LOT when he sleeps. Plus, it was a lot colder than we expected it to be. We found out later that it snowed that night in some parts of the Uintas. We had a great time, though and are hoping to get in one more camping trip before winter hits!

That Saturday was my 26th birthday! I was so emotional! Ok, not really, there was just something stuck in my eye. That night Ry took me to Shabu. It was so yummy! If you like sushi, this is the place! If you like steak, this is the place! Monday my fam came up and we went to dinner and then just hung out on main street.

At the beginning of August we went to Ryan's TEN YEAR reunion! It was fun. Unfortunately I didn't take many pictures. Here are the ones we got. On our way there we were talking about all the things that Ryan has done in the last ten years. His list is pretty impressive! Living in Colombia, running for office, interviewing numerous famous people, starting a business and so on. Not too shabby, eh?? I'm proud of him! He's very ambitious, and I know he'll continue to do great things!

We went hiking with the fam a while back up to Timp Falls. Not too rigorous, but a lot of fun! Ty didn't really like being in the backpack too much. I think he wanted to walk himself! We got to the falls and Ryan and Jorge got as close as they dared...but Josh won! When we came back down we had a picnic. Ty loves food, and loves being in the MIDDLE of all the food!

Olive Garden with Josh and Staci before their big move to the "Midwest." Seriously, Illinois...the MIDWEST? That description fits UTAH more than it fits Illionois. Or any other state in the "Midwest" for that matter. Anyway, we miss you guys!!

This is Chels contemplating what it's going to be like to have a child :)

Hanging out at the SL Library. Yes, Tyler does have a neck, it just gets lost once in a while.

24th of July picnic with Freshman roomies. We missed you Ash! ...and Chelsea...wherever you are! ;) Apparently we missed some of the on-the-way-home fun. Click here to read about the domestic disturbances of Kate and Ella. Come on girls! Can't you just be friends??! :)

So, there are a few tidbits from the last little while. Still to come...Tyler and his newfound mode of transportation and the new meaning this brings to our everyday lives!! AND...more about how much I hate The Secret Life of the American Teenager and how hypocritical I am because I keep watching it!!

P.S. Ryan came home and watched it with me on Tuesday. As I explained to him all of the plots and subplots, and after watching an episode, he agreed that it's a pretty skanky show. I'm done watching it!! I'm DONE!

Saturday, August 23, 2008


Today life consists of me lying on my bed in my black Casey Desmond T-shirt at 3 in the pm, a zonked out husband on the bed to my right, and an also zonked out baby in the other room...although I keep hearing suspicious thumps every so often, so maybe he's awake. Yeah, little bit of a rough night.

We were at a wedding last night, nothing too crazy. We danced a little bit but we got home by about 10:00. P.S. the bride was wearing my wedding dress. I spent the whole night thinking about the day Ryan and I got married, how wonderful it was, and how much I LOVE my husband...and my dress! LOVE! Anyway, back to the story.

So, we put Tyler to bed and we're all asleep by about 10:30. Half and hour later...Ty's crying. Ry goes in, gives him a binkie, crying stops, we're all asleep again about 30 seconds later. About 15 minutes later, Ty crying again. I get up, give him a binkie, pat on the back, sleepy, slurred I-love-you-but-please-go-to-sleep...we're all asleep again in 30 seconds. A few minutes later...Ty crying again. So I wander in again, bumping into no less than two walls on the way, and get Ty up. He's stuffy. Nose bulb...screaming...Ty's mad at me...goes to Daddy...back in bed. Quiet for five seconds...more screaming. More nose bulb...screaming, thrashing, scratching, etc. Goes back to Daddy for comfort. Hey, why am I always the bad woman with the nose bulb?? I want to be the comforter!

Ryan sits with Ty in the rocking chair for a few...Ty is wide awake at this point. I tell Ryan to go to bed since he has to be up at 5 am to hand out water to crazy people who for some reason feel like running 26 miles (ok...yes I admire you all...but holy crap! 26 miles? Seriously? Oh correction here, wait...26 miles and 385 yards. Cause the 26 miles themselves just weren't enough. I can run MAYBE .46 miles before needing to stop and walk. MAYBE!)

Umm...where was I? Oh yes. 1:00 am. Ty and I watched the baby channel for a bit (Baby Einstein-ish stuff), but that didn't succeed in making him sleepier (although it sure did the trick for me!). We clicked back and forth between that and Forces of Nature and I thought I might throw up at the so obvious Sandra and Ben process of hooking up while he's trying to get home for his wedding. Couldn't finish it. So if it really ends less obviously than I thought, please let me know.

I finally put Ty back in his bed at 2:30 and then, since I was WIDE AWAKE, settled myself in to watch The Secret Life of the American Teenager. Uh, seriously? WHAT?! I'm sorry, but I hate this show. In their quest to show that being pregnant as a 15-year old is not cool, they're going to get a million 15-year olds pregnant! I know, maybe that's a little extreme, but a certain sex-crazed character stating that ALL teenagers think about sex and want to have sex is, in MY opinion, REALLY not going to help that situation. Someone is having sex in almost EVERY episode! Oh wait, there is ONE girl who has morals of some kind.

I think ABC Family goes a little too far sometimes in their quest to showcase "a different kind of family." Seriously. 7th Heaven got the boot, probably because it's a show about a family with a mom, and dad and their kids (obviously not fitting of their tag line), but they left FOUR EPISODES of Full House on the lineup. Yeah sure it fits. Three grown men raising three girls. Great. But come on...we can't find ANYTHING better than that? (these are all my opinions, sorry if you love Full House). I do realize that families come in every shape and size. Not all of them have a mom and a dad. But it seems like they are truly trying to NOT show that kind of family at all. That's kind of sad.

Wow...I have really wandered off the main road. I don't even know what the point of this post is anymore.

I'm so grateful I have a baby who sleeps through the night most of the time. My life would be a mess if not. Good night.

Friday, August 15, 2008

We love the USA!

Yay for the United States of America! We love the country we live in! BUT there's another USA that we love as well. USA Network, home of Burn Notice and Monk. These are the only two shows that Ryan and I watch religiously and we love them!

Monk is an OCD detective played by Tony Shalhoub. Where have you seen him before? Men in Black! He's the store owner guy (I don't remember his name) with big teeth whose head grows back every time it gets blown off. This show is absolutely hilarious! Monk can be right in the middle of investigating a murder or chasing a suspect and still his top priorities are order and cleanliness. In one episode he gets to a crime scene and starts investigating but can't concentrate because he remembers that the umbrellas hanging in his hallway aren't all facing the same direction. So he goes home and fixes them and then is able to go back the the crime scene to do his magic and of course ends up solving the case. He specializes in solving the "impossible; he couldn't have done it" crimes. I have to admit that I usually can't guess what happened before he says "here's what happened" and the cool flashback. I think Ryan has guessed it a couple of times, but we're usually just as stumped as Captain Stotlemeyer, Randy and everyone else of the San Francisco Police Dept. or the LAPD, or the police of whichever city or hick town they happen to be called to. Monk is THE MAN! (In Utah, Fridays at 7:00 on USA)

Burn notice is of a completely different nature. Miami, spies, guns, bombs, cool homemade devices of any kind you could ever imagine...and a very diverse cast of characters.
Michael had previously been a spy for a government agency but then was "burned" for unknown reasons (meaning he was fired. But being fired from that kind of job means being killed...or simply sent to live in a place where they can watch you and control you for the rest of your life). Every episode he works on finding out who burned him and why, while at the same time doing jobs for various "normal" people who have big problems. His helper bees? Fiona, trigger-happy ex-girlfriend; and Sam, former Navy Seal. They devise, how should I put it, CREATIVE solutions to these people's problems. They make you laugh and you'll think "how the heck does he come UP with these things?" Absolutely one of my favorite shows of all time. Where have you seen them before? Michael - the jerk who contacts Will Smith on Hitch. Fiona (this one took me a minute to figure out) - diving horse girl on Wild Hearts Can't Be Broken. Remember that one? Yeah, it's been a few years.
(Thursdays at 8:00 on USA)

Anyway, if you haven't seen them yet, check them out. I promise you won't be killing brain cells
with these ones. You'll find yourself racing to figure things out along with them. Let me know what you think!

Monday, August 11, 2008

Has it really been...

Two years since Ryan and I finally got married? As the saying goes, time flies when you're having fun! So here are some of the Jensen Family happenings of 2006-2008:

  • I finally graduated from BYU after several absences of different natures. There was my random attendance at USU for one semester, a semester in China, and a year and a half in Brazil. I spent my last semester commuting from Park City to Provo two nights a week and to the Salt Lake Center another night a week. Driving through Provo Canyon in the fall was quite an adventure. I almost hit deer on several occasions, and one night driving home through Parley's in a snowstorm I thought I was going to die (literally!). But I survived and became a college graduate. I was so happy to be done...but now I miss it! Learning is cool!
  • Ryan said good-bye to Park City Television and started working for the National Ability Center. Well, ok, he didn't say good-bye for good. He still did high school football in 2007 and has the opportunity to do it again this year if he wants to. Last week he hosted the evening show while Ori was on vacation. So he's still got a foot in the door. President of NBC? Still a possibility for sure!
  • Tyler was born! So, it wasn't the funnest thing I've had to go through, but it wasn't as bad as I thought thanks to the DRUGS! Heaven bless them! The anesthesiologist was my favorite person in the whole world. I mean, ok, congratulations to all of you who have made it through "natural" childbirth (personally I think that having a baby's head and shoulders come out of the place they come out of validates the word "natural" no matter what!), but honestly...NO THANK YOU! Keep the epidurals coming or there will be NO MORE offspring of Ryan and Megan Jensen. Ty is so much fun! We never imagined how rewarding raising a child would be. It is so wonderful! And I LOVE having a baby with chubby cheeks! I have never understood cheek pinching. Now I do!
  • Ryan ran for state House of Representatives of district 53...as a DEMOCRAT! Yeah...what? The biggest surprise was that Ryan declared a party at all. But he did. We went to the Democratic Convention which was very interesting. I decided that for me it's not about the party, but about the person running. There have been a whole lot of Republican Jack-A's lately, and I have to admit that I LIKED some of the democrats I heard speak. Including my husband! He was the youngest candidate. He's so awesome! Kathy Lofft won the nomination for Democratic candidate, but Ryan did a great job! He's an awesome speaker and has some really great ideas. He had a lot of people come up to him and tell him how impressed they were with him. I don't think this was the last we'll see of Ryan on some political trail. I'm so proud of him.
  • We started our own business! CALIENTE MEDIA PRODUCTIONS! We're a perfect team. I graduated in business management/finance so I'm handling all that side of things, and Ryan does the actual services (although I've started learning about all that myself, which I'm excited about). We do corporate, sports, real estate and events productions. We're excited to see where it goes!
  • We still live at Todd Hollow Apartments...aka Little Mexico. It's a party every night, let me tell you. The problem is, I'm not feeling much like partying after finally getting Ty to sleep and getting some time to myself. Usually sleep is the much preferred activity and so every once in a while we get to yell at people to please shut up when it's 2 in the morning and we can't take it anymore. Oh, and let's not forget the ice cream man who must feel that it's his duty to stick around for 3-4 hours at a time. He'll finally leave, and then the OTHER ice cream man will show up for another 3-4 hours. So Pop Goes the Weasel has become the official theme song of our life here. A couple weeks ago it meant so much to me when the the beloved truck pulled in playing a DIFFERENT song! La Cucaracha! It was exciting! The saddest thing is when I find myself humming the ice cream songs even when he's not around, or making up different words to the tunes. Usually the words have something to do with going outside and breaking the musical function on his truck, or worse (HEY! When it's 10:00 pm and the ice cream truck is STILL here, I'm not responsible for my thoughts and/or actions anymore!).
Anyway, as a whole, these last two years have been very eventful! We've had so much fun and continue to congratulate ourselves on choosing each other as spouses :) Last weekend we left Tyler with Grandma Linda and went on a vacation to Switzerland!! Ok...it was just midway (a whole 15 minutes from home), but it definitely FELT like we were in Europe!

We stayed at the Invited Inn. It's the coolest little bed and breakfast. It's owned by this older couple (Bill and Suzie) and they live in part of it. There are only four guest rooms. They have a parlor and a dining room and a sun room in the back where you can play games and watch movies (they pop popcorn). They do tea time at 4:00 in the afternoon (we had smoothies and cookies, but if you wanted tea you could have tea!). They have a bird named Fritz who can whistle the USC fight song and a bunch of other things and says Hello and some other stuff.

Friday evening we did the Sunset BBQ on the Heber Valley Railroad. It was so much fun! We rode along Deer Creek Reservoir and then stopped and ate and there was live music. I had really wanted to do the Comedy Murder Mystery show they do, but it wasn't that weekend. This one was great though!

Saturday morning Bill and Suzie made us a great breakfast and we met the other people that were staying there. One couple was celebrating their 34th anniversary, another their 12th, and the couple that didn't show up for breakfast until 10:30...yeah they had gotten married the night before :) They were all really nice. We joked about how it felt like we were distant cousins staying at Grandma and Grandpa's house. We even took a "family" picture! The guy who had just gotten married is an opera singer. We found out that he served his mission in Rome and knew Ry's roommate Ben, and Scott Rafferty. Anyway...it was so different than just staying at a hotel and we loved it! Especially because our room had a jacuzzi and a SAUNA in it! We felt like we had our own spa right there in our room! They really did spoil us. So if anyone is looking for an awesome place to take a close vacation, we highly recommend it!

Saturday we drove around Midway and took pictures of cute houses and went to some little shops and ate lunch at the new Cafe Galleria, which is a pizza place on Main Street. I also had an absolutely SINFUL dessert from the Breadstix bakery (another little cafe there). It was a big brownie with m&m's, caramel, chocolate chips and other crap on top of it. Awful (which here means Absolutely Wonderful, Fattening and Utterly Life-threatening)!

That evening we went up to my aunt and uncle's cabin which is just outside Heber. Our family "campout" was there this year. We just went for dinner and a ride on the four-wheelers. It was a fun weekend! But we did miss Tyler! Thanks Linda and Kel for taking care of him.

Bring on more adventures!!