Monday, September 29, 2008

Fifty WHAT?!

Ok, let me just put this out there. As I was watching the presidential debate I thought, "Seriously? These are the BEST we could do? One of THESE two is going to be President of the United States of America?" They sounded like children!! I was basically hearing THIS:

"I'M better!"

"NO! I'M better!"

"Well, I was right and I told you so!"

"Well, I have thousands of years of experience!"

"You're stupid!"

"You're STUPIDER!"

FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THAT IS HOLY!!! I am seriously AFRAID for the future of our country. Especially after seeing this:

Is this some kind of a sick joke? This person, who has the potential to become POTUS, doesn't even know how many states there are? How hard is it to remember the number 50?! And do Alaska and Hawaii count as ONE? What kind of CHANGE is he proposing here? Teaching our kids that there are really 58 states (59 if you count Hawaii and Alaska separately)? None of Bush's little slip-ups that the media LOVES to publicize even comes close to this.

On Election Day 2008 I'm writing in Colin Powell...and then I'm taking my family and moving to Canada!

Monday, September 22, 2008

Is it really fall already?

September 22. First day of fall. And yes, we've already had snow. So let's see. How many months this year did we NOT have snow. There was July...and there was August. TWO! Two whole months! Lucky us! But this winter I have many reasons to be much more excited than last winter.

#1- We have a two-car garage.
#2- We have a two-car garage.

And let's not forget...

#3- We have a two-car garage.

I can't begin to explain what I HUGE difference this is going to make! But here, I'll try. Last night Ryan and I were remembering his days at Park City Television that would begin with him getting up before dawn and driving to work. In the winter, these would include sessions of AT LEAST 20 minutes that consisted of Ryan brushing a foot of snow off the car and then chiseling, not just scraping but CHISELING, the ice off of the windows of his car. Then he would have to shovel himself out, and then spend more time trying to maneuver his car out of the parking space. THEN, he had to get himself up an icy, snowy hill without sliding into oncoming traffic. After the ordeal with nature, he had to sit in front of a camera and be perky for two hours. I personally don't know how he managed to do that for THREE Park City winters before finally throwing in the towel. He's a trooper for sure!

I realize that garages are something of a commodity here in the United States, but I think they get seriously taken for granted! I mean, instead of all the crap Ryan had to go through last winter to get his car out, here's how a normal morning in the life of Ryan Jensen might begin:

-Walk down the stairs
-Open the garage door
-Get in the car
-Start the car
-Back the car out onto the freshly shoveled driveway (thank you HOA)
-Start on a downhill instead of an uphill on the highway
-Get to work by 9:00 am instead of 6:00 am
-Settle into his desk and be as grumpy as he pleases since he's not sitting in front of a camera

Sounds much better than last year's process. Although, Ryan really does miss working in TV. The good thing is that Caliente Media is up and running and Ryan has already been hired to do a couple of highlight videos for some of the players on the football team. So he's getting a little bit of a fix playing with his new camera.

Here's another reason we're thankful to have a garage this week. Last week I got a flat tire. Ryan put on the spare and we took it over to Burt Brothers. When we got there it had already closed and so we were just going to leave the key and the car there. But then Ryan couldn't get the window to roll up. So we couldn't leave it there. We had to go over to the church for something, and while there, various scout leaders tried to help. They pulled the whole side panel off, got the window up about halfway and then announced there was nothing else they could do. So we took it home...and put it in the garage safe and sound!! There is no way in heck I would have left it outside that way in Todd Hollow. What if someone had stolen my cd player that won't play cd's?? THEN where would we be?!

Next day we took it over to BB again and we got new tires and all, but they wanted to charge me $255 to fix the window!! To replace the motor!! Someone please tell me, is that seriously a fair price?? When we needed to fix Ryan's headlight they quoted us an outrageous price too. We took it to good old Ray's in Bountiful and paid MUCH less. So, I refused to pay that much for the window, and we again brought it home and tucked it away in our GARAGE where it's safe from the rain today. I LOVE IT!! I know, it's so silly, but it really means a lot to me! I could probably even shed a few tears of joy over it!

I know I haven't yet posted pictures of our new place. They've been painting it for the last week so I've been waiting for it to be done. And the inside...well, THAT'S not done yet either! So stay tuned! In the meantime, I think an update on Ty is long overdue.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Summer Events

Ty is growing so quickly! I just can't believe it. He almost doesn't look like a baby anymore. He's just a little boy. He gets himself around wherever he wants to go and gets into everything! It has certainly made life more exciting. He's such a happy boy! He's so much fun and we just love him to pieces!

Another thing that people take for granted is a bathtub. We didn't have one in our last apartment. Two bathrooms but no bathtub. So when Ty got too big for his baby tub, he would play in the inch of water that would fit on the floor of the shower. How sad is that? So we were so excited to finally have a bathtub! TWO bathtubs! Ty has one that's all his own in the bathroom in his room. This is his first bath in it. He had so much fun just splashing. Ry and I were both soaked by the time he was done.

This is the view of Deer Valley from our front deck. It's so beautiful!

About a month ago we took a little trip to Logan to hang out with Matt and see his new place. Ryan was kind of in denial the whole time. His little brother is in college!! Yeah, that's a little strange. Although it will still be a while, I'm sure I'll feel the same way when Josh is in college.

We stopped at Pita Pit and took our lunch over to the lawn of the Aztec church building. If you've gone to USU you know that the church buildings all have names. The Aztec, The Colonial, The Church Across the Street, the Golden Toaster, and now...The Church Between the Colonial and The Church Across the Street (or wait no...The Church Between the Aztec and the Colonial...right?)

This is Matt in his new digs! He decided that the living room is in fact the perfect place to play indoor soccer.

This is one of Matt's new roommates.

Ryan and Matt playing on the interesting contraptions in the engineering building. I believe this one is for riding around on the moon, right?

We walked around campus and Ryan told Matt about some of the more important things...becoming a True Aggie, an Ultimate Aggie (Matt, don't you dare!!), and Aggie ice cream. Then we went on a driving tour and showed him some of the more important places. Macey's, Pita Pit, The Bluebird, the hospital, good make-out spots (Matt, don't you dare!!), The Family Fun Center (what's wrong with a little country swing dancing every now and then?), D.I.,etc, etc. We went grocery shopping and planned some meals. Then we had dinner at A&W. It was a really fun day! It was hard to leave, though. Thanks for letting us spend the day with you Matt!

I had forgotten to post these pictures as well. A while ago, Mark had a tournament here in PC and we were able to go to a couple of games. Mark did a great job. He's definitely one of the better players on his team. In the third pic down, he had just slid to kick the ball and the kid tripped over him. YEAH!

Monday, September 15, 2008

Believing that you will receive

Wow! What a crazy last couple of weeks! We live in a new place! It's wonderful. So, here's what happened. The LONG version because it's really pretty cool!

Last August on our way to Oregon we read Hidden Treasures and the Jackrabbit Factor together. This is really a great book that talks about how to get the things that you want. To put it simply, it spells out the laws that faith is based on and tells you what you need to do to get the things you are needing. Great book! Anyway, one of the things it talks about is that you need to write about the thing that you want as if you already have it, and write about the gratitude that you feel and all. This is part of "believing that you will receive." Like it says in 1 Nephi, if you ask the Lord for something and you BELIEVE that you will receive, then it will be given to you.

So, at that point in our lives Ryan and I were already sick of living in Todd Hollow and really wanted to leave. Our apartment was nice, but really small, and had no storage space. With one baby we had already outgrown it. Anything else we could have afforded in Park City was even smaller than our place. Also, the complex was really getting awful! Loud music all the time, sketchy people moving in next to us, people getting drunk in front of our building every night. Just not cool. We didn't really know how it would work because we wanted to stay in Park City and everything here is so expensive. So we put that aside (the fact that we didn't know HOW), and we sat down and both wrote about what it was that we wanted. We each wrote as if we were writing a journal entry about the new home that we were living in. We wrote very detailed things about the place and what it was like. For instance I wrote about how much I loved the fact that I had a big pantry, and enough cabinets for all of my kitchen things. I wrote about how happy I was to have a closet that fit Ryan's AND my clothes. I even wrote about how excited I was that there was a place to put the ironing board. I wrote about Tyler's room and how it was big and nice too, and that we would have room for another baby. We wrote many details, some very important and some seemingly trivial.

When we finished we each put a date on the tops of our entries, without telling each other what date we were choosing. Then we switched papers. I had chosen November 2008 and he had chosen August 2008. So we decided to start thinking and talking as if we would be moving in August of 2008. When we would talk about things coming up in the future, we would always include the fact that we would be moving in August of the following year and so that needed to be considered. We really talked and thought as if it were a fact. We would definitely be moving at that time.

It got to be kind of hard at times because we still didn't know how it was going to happen. It was during this year that we felt we should start a business. I still didn't see how it was going to happen because it takes a while for a business to actually get off the ground. But we started our business anyway, and continued to make our plans for moving this year.

July came and I started to get a little bit sad because there was still no sign of the way that our move was going to happen. Then Ryan got a call from the University of Utah. The guy he talked to told Ryan that they wanted to start their own event production department (in the past all of their sporting and other events have been produced by outside companies). Ryan had been highly recommended to be head of that department. It looked like it was going to happen! At that point we thought that the way to our goal must be this. To move back to the valley. The job looked so sure that we even went and looked at houses, realizing that this would mean we would move in August the way we had planned! This was the answer!! It was incredible.

...THEN, it didn't work out! The U got cold feet because football would be starting so soon and they didn't feel confident enough to just start this department right now. So they again hired an outside company.

We were sad. Again, I fell into despair a little bit because I wasn't sure how we were going to reach our goal now. We started thinking that maybe we should move to Heber. We went and looked at a couple places there (by this time, it's already August), but then found out we couldn't even afford those. About a month before this I was offered a great job with a good company here in Park City. I was so excited because it would have worked out perfectly with our schedules and Ryan would be able to be with Tyler the times I had to work. But for some reason, I didn't feel like I should take it. I didn't understand why...but I didn't take the job. So as we were looking in Heber I was thinking that if I had taken the job we could have afforded it. I was so frustrated thinking maybe I had made the wrong choice.

End of August. We're still in Todd Hollow and I'm thinking, "Well, ok...mine was dated November, so let's work for that." A couple of days later a family in our ward decides they need to move. They live in a beautiful condo close by. I kept feeling like I should call about it even though these condos are pretty expensive (to rent OR buy). I finally called. The girl who manages it told me the price they could leave it at, and that we could have it if we wanted it. I couldn't believe it. The price was something we could afford. We wanted to do it, but we still had two months on our lease and so would have to pay those months even if we moved out. Again, we're not sure what to do. Next day...the manager of our apartments calls and says there is someone who wants to move in that weekend. If we can be out the next day we can be out of our contract. This same day, Ryan and I get a call to go talk to the stake presidency. Ryan is called as second counselor in the branch presidency. So, the family in our ward finishes moving out that day and we move in the next. WE DID IT!!! And now we understand why it worked out this way. We're not done here. If we had found out about the calling before finding out we were moving, I probably would have freaked out. But it all just fell into place.

The cool thing is that our condo has so many of the things that we wrote about last year. Not all, because we're still renting and we were really hoping to buy our own house, but we feel like the Lord has blessed us for staying here. It has three levels, a two car garage, a BIG storage room, an office for Ryan, a huge master bedroom, walk-in closets in both bedrooms, a walk-in pantry, AND a special place for my ironing board! :) Now I really have a strong testimony of the fact that the Lord WILL give us what we are seeking if we BELIEVE that he will. And there are no limits. What happened is so incredible and we feel so blessed.

I don't have pictures to post yet, but I will soon.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Today is... surprise! I guess we're moving today!! YAY!!! Full story to come. Wish us luck. We'll need it because we need to be out by tonight!