Sunday, December 28, 2008

Christmas in Heaven

Well, we're back. No I didn't rush home and hook up the camera to immediately download all the pictures we took, so no there will be no pictures today. But I am sitting here, curiously un-sleepy with a drugged-up husband sleeping obliviously next to me. Poor guy got sick on the way home. I think we "funned" him out. I have told him repeatedly that Christmas in Mexico is extremely fun and the food is unlike anything he has ever experienced. He didn't believe me until now. I'll let him give the rundown of the pinata and the feast and the fireworks and the dancing later, but I have decided something. I do believe that in my opinion, the food in Sonora, Mexico is the best food of all the food in different places in the world I have ever tasted. Not just Mexico, but the state of Sonora. They are the inventors of carne asada, carne machaca, cajeta, coyotas and hot dogs that are TO DIE FOR! I dogs. Who would have thought? Heaven in a bun. No...the bun itself is part of the heaven on a styrofoam plate is more appropriate.

Backing up my opinion is Tyler. In the past few months he has become extemely picky. Rarely eats baby food, has to have what we're eating, but still usually decides he doesn't like that either. This past week he ate EVERYTHING that I offered him, and everything that I didn't THINK to offer him as well. Tamales, cheese soup, tortillas, turkey, pig leg, fried shrimp, peppers, eggs (which he refuses to eat here), beans, cheese rice (which he ALSO refuses to eat here), menudo broth (I didn't think he'd be able to really chew up the cow stomach itself), etc, etc. The kid is Mexican. From the moment we left Mexico he resumed his refusal to eat until we got home and I gave him some soup that had beans in it. That he ate. I think I'm going to have to change the way I cook.

Anyway, we had an awesome time and we're all a few pounds heavier! Stay tuned for pics!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008


Today I finished my book! Well, I finished it for the purposes of the contest. If I had a little more time there are so many more details that I would add and a whole other plot twist that I would expand more on. But it turns out, I'm really close to the UPPER limit of the number of pages my manuscript can have. Who knew?! If anything I thought I was going to be short. I was going to wait to send it in until after we got home from Mexico because there are descriptions of places that I wanted to write about while I was there, while they were fresh in my mind. But it makes me nervous. It has to be postmarked by the 31st and we're getting home like the 27th. I decided I just need to send it so that I won't be worried about it over Christmas. So I put some finishing touches on it...and I just can't believe it!

Thanks so much for all of the encouragement. That made all the difference! Whether I win or not, I feel so happy just to have finished something like this! I was going to post a chapter on here, but I kind of feel nervous about doing that. So I'll tell you this. It's definitely a work of fiction, but I incorporated things from some family and friends who have given me permission to use their stories. It's for young adult readers (12-18 basically) so of course there is some romance in it, but more than anything, it's about learning to understand other people and why they do the things they do, and finding ourselves by finding out about others. I hope you can all read it some day!