Sunday, December 27, 2009

Yes, we're going private.

So, the time has come. We're going to take our family blog private. So leave us a message with your email, or send us a message on Facebook if you'd like to be sent an invite.

I have started a new blog that I will be posting on daily just to keep up my writing. This blog will not be private : Also, for all who didn't know, Ryan still has his own blog that he will be using for political, sports commentary, etc.

So basically, we'll be posting all our family updates and photos on this blog and using the others as soapboxes. We hope you'll stay with us! :)

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Blessing Day

Ryan gave Gaby a beautiful blessing in church at the beginning of this month. She was so calm and happy all day, as if she knew it was a special day. It was fun to see family that day too. Thanks to everyone that came!

Friday, November 27, 2009

Photo Booth Fun

So, I can't say that I'm really a fan of Mac computers yet. I haven't crossed over quite yet. But there are things that I like about them. One of those things is the Photo booth. A year ago when Ry got his new MacBook, we found Photo Booth and took some funny pictures that I had forgotten about.

And these are a couple of random pictures of Vic and Molly Jackson.

Then last week we introduced Ty to Photo Booth and we had some fun.

Thanks for the laughs Apple Inc.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Tyler is TWO!

I can't believe that it has really been two years since this little guy was born! It has been so fun to watch him grow and learn. The day before his birthday we talked about his party the next day and how he was going to be two years old now. The day of, I sang happy birthday to him about a hundred times, and he was so excited when we were watching Sprout and they were singing Happy Birthday to anyone who's birthday was that day.

We had a small party and I made him a dinosaur/dragon cake (it really could be either one), and he got some fun new things.

These are some two-year-old Tyler-isms:

-Ty's vocabulary is expanding slowly, but it's expanding. For the most part he still jabbers on in his own language, but we've started really trying to encourage him to use the words he knows when he needs something, and he's doing well. I'm realizing that most of the time, he really is trying to use a word he knows, we're just not understanding it. I think my favorite word of his is Ketchup. He says "chepup" and I laugh every time. The thing that has really helped is him saying his own prayers before bed. We all kneel down and he'll repeat every word that Ry or I say, and now he's getting to where he tries to do them himself without repeating. It's so cute.

-Ty loves to play at the park and every time we pass a park, he gets excited. The other day we were passing Five Points Park and he got all excited, but then he started whining when we didn't stop. He had been whining all day and so I asked him why he was so sad and if he could be happy. We kept driving and passed Bountiful Park on our way to Target. He got excited, and then when we didn't stop, he immediately started fake laughing. It was hilarious!

-He is doing really well at identifying some letters. A few weeks ago at church Ryan was writing the letters of our names one at a time and Ty was naming almost all of them. It makes me feel better that when I do let the TV babysit him sometimes, at least he's learning something from shows like Super Why and Sesame Street (I know, I'm just rationalizing!).

-Ty loves dancing. He's always danced around when there's music on, but now he's imitating what he sees on Dancing With the Stars. It's so funny to watch! He has also been randomly doing the splits, and he can go all the way down. I jokingly told Ryan maybe I should stop watching dancing shows with him. Ryan assured me that he will be well-rounded since Ty also watches sports with Ryan all the time. :)

-Tyler loves his new little sister. His jealousy really wasn't all that bad, and most of the time he is really excited to be around her. He is constantly smothering her with kisses and talking to her in a really high, funny voice. I'm excited to see them grow up together.

Ty was a pirate for Halloween and he was so cute!! He had a little lopsided mustache and tight striped pants. He was all about showing off his costume. He kept doing a funny point-at-the-camera pose. It was hilarious!

Gaby was a little ladybug. This is her and her little cousin, who looked adorable as a bumblebee.

These are just some fun pictures of Gaby at Ty's party.
She and Mason are already great friends. Can't you tell by the look on his face?

Halloween day we also went up to Park City and saw the Lego exhibit at the Kimball Art Center. It was amazing!