Friday, April 17, 2009

March, April...February. Who knows.

I realize I haven't posted pictures for a while, so I decided that today I would. Only my list of pictures that I want to post is really long. So you may get all of them, or you may only get a couple. I'm not sure if I'm patient enough today to upload and then place all of them where I want them in the post. But here, let's get started.

Tyler continues to grow. I know, amazing, isn't it? I'm glad he's growing because, yes, that's what's supposed to happen...but it's happening so quickly!


Ty already owes us his first bag of M&M's (you know, you get ice cream for kissing, M&M's for hand-holding)

We were at Molly's baby shower (CONGRATS Molly and Vic! Peter is beautiful!) and Ty made a phone call.

A few minutes later, little Xanti shows up and she and Ty get friendly. I'm pretty sure she made the first move though.

Here's the proof:

Ry has started to teach Ty some very important things in life, one of them being that he should always be a gentleman and open doors for ladies. Whenever we go outside to get in the car the first thing Ryan does is to take Ty to my door, where Tyler will help turn the key and lift the handle. Then they'll swing the door open together, I'll get in and Ty will push the door closed. It's really one of the cutest things I have ever seen! This picture really has nothing to do with that story...I just like it.

So my various food cravings have been really random. One day I was craving a salad with tomatoes, cucumbers and hard-boiled eggs. I think Ryan's been watching a bit too much of the Food Network because he brought me this. Or maybe it's just all of his work fundraisers featuring really fancy food. Either way, it was beautiful and tasted perfect!

So, we really already have two children. Cleo, our lovely kitty, is probably the weirdest and most OCD cat that I have ever known. She follows me around the house and the second I sit down (no matter where it is, bathroom included) she has to jump into my lap. Not only that but she has to put her face as close to mine as possible. If I don't pet her, she'll nibble my hand until I do. If I'm not in the mood to hold her and put her on the floor, she'll attempt to jump back up at least three more times, and each time I will place her (or toss her, depending on my mood) back on the floor. Then she'll sulk away and find another comfortable place to settle, usually with Ryan. If I'm holding Tyler, that only increases her desire to sit right on me. So she gets to participate in Ty's bedtime routine.

Ty loves playing on the stairs. His favorite activities include jumping off the second or third stair into my or Ryan's (hopefully) waiting arms, throwing balls from the top landing to dad at the bottom, throwing balls up the stairs from the bottom, or just choosing a stair and laying on it. He also likes to go upstairs into his room, choose a random toy or other (sometimes heavier) item, and then launch it down the stairs. We might have to talk about that before the baby gets here.

Ty really enjoys his rocking chair. Lately it has been his favorite place to sit in the mornings while eating breakfast and watching Sid the Science Kid. It seems that that has become one of his favorite shows, along with Sesame Street and the Ellen show. If I ever have the TV on when Ellen is starting he'll immediately start dancing and clapping and laughing. It's quite interesting.

My favorite thing will always be cuddling with my little boy.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Feliz Pascua

Happy Easter, everyone! Tomorrow I'm speaking in our church meetings, and I am basing my talk on Elder Jeffrey R. Holland's from last week. I guess my thought to do so wasn't extremely unique since the church turned part of his talk into a video. I enjoyed it, and I hope you will too.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Quick Thoughts

I have lots of things running through my head right now, and I don't have the time to elaborate on any of them. If you don't care to hear me vent, come back tomorrow. Thanks. Love ya.

March Madness:
Why can't my Utah State Aggies do any better than 'almost' in any post-season basketball tournament? I don't understand. Cougar and Ute fans are not invited to post any negative comment about my basketball team. You all played worse than us against lower ranked opponents, so don't bother. Regardless of your opinion of my teams, Big Blue can take any of your mascots down. Just ask Pistol Pete.

March Madness, Pt. II:
This year I had my worst first round of picks ever. I managed to get killed by just about everyone who filled out brackets by throwing darts, picking favorite colors, letting mascots eat each other, or just having a one-year-old drool on a sheet of paper. After the first round, I was in something like 800,000th place in the pool. That was embarrassing. Luckily, the picks I did get right kept going, and now I'm in the top 90,000 in that same pool. I have three of the Final Four teams in it, and I could win my Facebook pool if UConn wins the whole thing. Awesome.

March Madness, Pt. III:
Each year, my aunt Connie (when are you and Ed coming to golf with me?) calls me to have me give her my picks for her law office ($$$) pool. Each year, we discuss the pros and cons of my picks, and she usually makes me realize I've made some bad decisions. This year I thought she was up in the night with the number of picks she wanted to reverse. I was wrong. She might not watch a lot of ball, but she's in second place. Her lawyer bosses are dying at the fact that she might win this year. Last year, she cleaned house. No one was even close to her bracket. The question is, why the heck don't I call her for advice instead of her calling me? Next year. Next year.

March Madness, Pt. IV:
I love March Madness because it extends to more than just basketball. Don't get me wrong, basketball is king, but there are great sporting events in March that make this a great sports month. I watched the longest lacrosse game in NCAA history last weekend with Maryland and Virgina. The wrong team won, but it was a fun game to watch. The Frozen Four is always fun to watch, as well. Outside the college realm, there is the chase for the playoffs with my Utah Jazz. I wish the schedule looked a little easier for the next two weeks, but I'll stand by my pick to see them in the Finals with Orlando either way. Last but not least is The Canyons' Pond Skimming. If you haven't been before, I highly recommend it. It's a blast. I wanted to take Ty this year, but it didn't happen. Maybe I should wait 'til he can actually remember.

Cell Phones, Pt. I:
I want an iPhone, but I'm not in a position to pay for an unlimited data plan. Plus, if I get one, Megan gets one. That's two unlimited data plans. Plus, if I get one and Megan gets one, then Tyler's going to need one. That's three unlimited data plans. Lest you think I'm kidding, I believe Tyler makes more calls, sends more messages, and uses our mobile web more than we do. Do I really need another gadget to waste my time with, though? Not yet.

Cell Phones, Pt. II:
I am mad at Sony Ericsson. I believe they make some of the best, most reliable cell phones on the market today. Yes, I've had my issues. My W600i was fun--at the store. It would have been a good phone if they had used something better than four, one-millimeter-long screws to hold the thing together. I burned through two of those fast enough to earn my own special customer service representative with Cingular/AT&T for a while. That was fun. I told them I was going to take my business back to Verizon if they didn't give me the phone I wanted--the W810i. That was a phone that didn't get much love here in the states, but it was the best phone I've ever owned. Sadly, I let Tyler play with it one time too many. He called people, texted people, used my internet time, played Tiger Woods, and took pictures. None of that bothered me. The bad part came when he remembered he isn't even 18 months into his sojourn on earth yet, and he tried to use the phone as a teething toy. Slobber and copper connections don't mix. I ended up using Hershey's Kiss wrappers to get the phone to charge a couple more times after that, but it was no use. The connections were toast. The W810i had to be retired.
I moved on to the W760 on Black Friday. It seemed like a good move. This was the new generation of the 600 I mentioned earlier but without the fatal screw flaws. This one was a slider instead of a twister (the 810 was a candy bar). The screen was bigger. It came with 3G. The camera was 3.2 MP. It had bluetooth (a requirement for any of my phones). And Sony's media player capabilities put other phone companies to shame.
Then came the disappointments. You can unlock the phone without sliding it open (say, to read a text message from your cute wife in the middle of staff meeting at work). But you can't lock it without opening the phone and sliding it closed again (thus drawing attention to yourself for doing more than checking the slowly passing time in said staff meeting). That's a small complaint, I know, but stay with me. I tried to sync my phone with my computer with the Bluetooth only to find out that the computer and phone didn't want to get along with each other without being hacked. If one has Bluetooth and the other has Bluetooth, shouldn't they work together? Son of a... Luckily, I have a data cable from one of the previous phones (yes, the connections have stayed the same through each of the Sony phones). That let me sync most of what I was trying to get. Then came the camera. The w810 was 2MP and had a flash. This one had better resolution, but there is no flash. I didn't think that would be a huge deal, but I hate it. I used that flash a lot more than I realized. It was great even in the brightest of situations because it served as a fill-light (evening out shadows on faces and such). Harsh shadows don't matter when your pictures are all blurry, though. The shutter on the w760 is horribly slow. Slow shutter speeds and fast-moving children do not mix. Kids don't pose for camera phones. I need something better than this for taking pictures. Even the photos that turn out OK aren't great. The w810 never failed me as a great back-up camera. I have printed numerous photos of the fam and scout trips with that thing. You'd never know they were from a phone. The w760's photos automatically look like they were taken by some crappy camera no matter what I do. On the flip-side, it does take good video. If you haven't seen the video on my Facebook page, take a gander. It's good stuff. Of course, any video with Tyler is going to be great. I digress. The other thing I was looking forward to was the music capabilities of my phone. I don't always enjoy carrying my iPod with me. iPods don't have easy sharing capabilities. They don't have speakers. They are just another thing that I will lose if I carry them around in my pockets. I had loaded a bunch of music on my w810 without incident. This time around I got a bigger card (2GB) to have a bigger selection of music to choose from. Sadly, Sony won't let me use my existing MP3 files. What the heck am I supposed to do? I think I've tried every digital music codec I can (at least through iTunes) to no avail.
I want my w810i back! I still have the phone in case I come by a cell phone repair shop that doesn't want one of my arms or legs to fix my problem. I'm open to any other suggestions.

I like snow when I can do things in it. I learned to enjoy skiing when I moved to Park City, and the winter sucks when I can't be skiing a bunch. One day this season was not enough--especially since Megs couldn't come that day. If I'm not going to be skiing, it needs to be time for green grass and blooming tulips. Snow, I love you, but I think we need to take a break from each other. It's not you; it's me. I just don't have time for a steady relationship right now.

I want a la carte programming for my television, and if I don't get it, I'm ready to just not have television. If I can customize my websites and my magazines, why can't you let me have only the channels I might ever watch? My ISP gives me ESPN 360, so I can watch all sorts of sporting events at any given hour (Real Madrid and Olimpiacos are playing in Euroleague basketball here in a couple of hours). ABC has made Lost available online back to the first season, and Megs and I have watched from the beginning even though they are in the sixth or seventh season by now. Networks who don't think this is a good idea don't understand that people like us wouldn't have bothered to jump in to a program a few seasons in. We wouldn't have understood what was going on. This way, we have been able to see a cool show in its entirety (with limited commercial interruptions) even though we weren't fans when the show originally aired. How hard is that to understand? We have also enjoyed Monk and Burn Notice on USA's website. We tried to catch up on 24 but couldn't because Fox didn't have (at least that we could see) the first episodes from the season we needed to start with. They had limited episodes available on their website. Why? Does that make any sense? I don't think so--especially not for a show like that. If it were a sitcom, I could maybe understand. For a drama, it doesn't work that way.

I've got more on my mind, but it's time for bed. Before I catch my Z's, though...

No company deserves a bailout. When small restaurants close, the government doesn't bail them out. If they fail, the owners, investors, employees all have to find something new to do. Banks, auto companies, insurance companies, all deserve the same treatment. If your business model sucks, you lose. Such is life. I don't feel bad for union-dominated automakers. The workers contributed to their mess as much as the executives did. Everyone was to blame. Get over it, and either help fix the problem or find a new place to work.
Homeowners who can't afford their payments don't deserve a bailout, either. My wife and I have waited because we knew we couldn't afford things even when the banks said we could. Our common sense prevailed. The math didn't seem to work, so we didn't do it. If homeowners are now getting my taxpayer money to help them pay back loans they shouldn't have gotten so they can stay in homes they shouldn't have been approved for, I'm gonna be pissed. It's not right. It's cheating. Cheating is bad.

On that note, I feel I can sleep a little better tonight. Goodnight.