Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Life is Beautiful...and Exhausting

It is soooo wonderful not to be pregnant anymore! Also wonderful is the fact that my recovery this time has been so much easier than last! But before I go into the whole story I really need to say thank you to my AMAZING husband. Unfortunately, he did not marry a Super Mom. He married a Holy-Crap-I-Don't-Know-What-I'm-Doing Mom. Ryan has been a lifesaver in every way! He had a week off after Gaby was born and he spent the week mostly trying to give Tyler as much attention as possible. But he also never stopped asking what he could do for me and how he could help with Gaby. He even took her to the doctor by himself when she needed to get her bilirubin level checked a couple of days after we came home. He helps with her when she wakes up during the night, he changes diapers, he does laundry, and he is so cute with both of his kids. So, despite my lack of "Super Mom-ness" I am well aware that I married a Super Husband/Dad and I am so grateful for everything he does for us! I love you Ry!

This is one of Ry and Gaby's first daddy-daughter chats. He's teaching her important things like:

how he's going to look at ANY boy who comes looking for her. And...

that the only types of kisses that will be allowed until she's at least 21 are Eskimo kisses.

Poor Tyler has to compete a little bit for attention now and he does get a little jealous some days, but he is such a sweetheart and has been so cute to his little sister.

"Mom, what's this?"

Profile of cheeks

Pondering the mysteries of life.

So for anyone who is interested in the labor story, here's how it went:

9:00 am - arrive at hospital
9:30 - check into room
9:35 - am asked to pee in a cup and for the first time in 9 months, am unable to pee.
11:00 - hooked up to Pitocin, mild contractions, am still smiling
1:30 - doctor arrives, breaks my water
1:40 - contractions getting much stronger, am no longer smiling
2:00 - anesthesiologist enters and I immediately become terrified because it is very obvious that he is the "all-business, no talk" sort of doctor
2:20 - anesthesiologist leaves after having successfully STABBED me in the back and SHOVED a tube into my spine, not even asking if I was ok after I burst into tears
3:00 - my legs are completely asleep but I can still feel the contractions
3:30 - turn down the nurse's offer to call the anesthesiologist
4:40 - doctor returns and it's time to push
4:56 - Gaby is born!

Things are good, but I'm still not sure how to carry on with normal life with two kids. Unlike another amazing person I know who came to get Ty the other day and carted him around along with her own three boys as if it was no big deal (thank you AGAIN!), I HAVE NO IDEA how to take multiple children to a grocery store or anywhere out of the house. Maybe I'll figure it out sometime in the next year or so. For now we're just trying to survive through these sleepless first weeks and I guess the rest will come.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Gaby's Finally Here

We have a new little girl! Welcome to the party, Gaby! Check out the photos in our Facebook gallery by clicking on the chubby-cheeked girl below.