Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Gaby's First Birthday

I'm lazy. If I don't have to repost all the photos from Facebook onto the blog, I'm not going to. We had a great time with some of the family this weekend for Gaby's first birthday. Check out the photos here.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Gabriela - eleven months

Our little princess is nearly a year old. How is that possible! She is just the sweetest, most cuddly, kissable, squeezable, most beautiful baby ever! We're biased of course, but here are the pictures for proof:

She really does smile a lot, just never for the camera! Here are some Gaby highlights:

  • Gaby LOVES food. She currently eats more than Ty does. I honestly think that if we didn't stop her, she would eat more than Ryan and I do. She loves bread, bananas, banana bread, pancakes, french toast, veggie straws, watermelon, kiwi, ritz crackers, goldfish, cheese, birthday cake, ice cream, yogurt, soup and, as we leaned last night, barbecued ribs. The kid eats good!
  •  Her babblings consist of "mamamama," "bababababa," and "gagagaga." But we do agree that she knows what "mama" means. 
  • She loves to wave and clap her hands. When she hears applause on TV or anytime anyone says "Yay!" she starts clapping. 
  • Gaby started crawling this month and she gets around fast! She loves to stand up and cruise around holding on to the furniture too.

  • Gaby is currently sporting eight pearly-whites, which obviously help facilitate her obsession with food. 
  • Gaby adores her big brother. When he comes into the room after not having seen her for a while, she squeals and laughs and bounces up and down. It's the cutest!

She is definitely his little accomplice...

...and sometimes his little servant!

  • Gaby is a complete and total drama queen! She screams as if she is being tortured at the slightest discomfort. Like yesterday when I poured the wooden blocks out of the bucket and onto the floor. She was startled (it didn't even scare her, it just startled her) and after a second of staring at the blocks she proceeded to scream and then tear up as if I had hurt her tremendously!

  • Gabs is in the 50th percentile on both height and weight, but in the 75th for her head circumference! I was surprised that she is average in her weight, being such the little chunk that she is!
We love this little girl so much!!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Family Pics 2010

A few months ago we had family pictures taken by Jessica Weyerts. She did a fantastic job and we LOVE our pictures! Check her out if you need some new family photos: whitedandelionphotography.com.

Tyler - two and five sixths

So it has been forever since I have posted at all, but even longer since I have posted about the kids and what they're up to. Tyler will be three soon and I can't believe it! He's learning and growing so quickly. Here are some of the things he likes to do and say:

  • His favorite thing to do is play with keys in a car. But the keys have to do something. They can't be play keys or just old keys that don't go to anything. They have to unlock a door or start a car. Which is why he doesn't get to play with our keys very often. One night Ryan brought the kids to eat while I was working. Ryan started talking to someone and so Ty took that opportunity to steal Ryan's keys. He walked out into the parking lot, found Ryan's car, unlocked Ryan's car, put the keys in the ignition and locked himself in. If Ty finds an unlocked car in front of our house or in a parking lot we may be in, he'll get in and proceed to try to figure out what every button is for. Recently I found this adorable little truck at Kid-to-Kid and had to get it. I thought maybe it would take his mind off of big cars. He does love his little truck, but he still likes the real thing better. I'm really worried that he's going to be one of those 8 year-old kids that takes his parents car for a joyride. Don't say I didn't warn you five years from now when you see his cute little face peeking up over the wheel of a stolen car on the news.

  • Tyler loves to read. His favorite books right now are Green Eggs and Ham, Mommy Says I Can, Mr. Brown Can Moo, and Ratatouille. These are pretty much his absolute favorite with other favorites changing weekly. The ones that he has heard over and over again he can sit and read to himself pretty accurately.He has recently acquired a new place to read. I got this adorable chair at a garage sale and now he has a perfect little reading nook in his room! He even likes to take his naps there.

  • Tyler says the funniest things, and his favorite phrases change from week to week. A couple of months ago he was fond of randomly saying (very animatedly), "A hundred dollar cents!" I'm still not really sure why, but it was hilarious to hear. This month his favorite phrases start with the words "How about..."  The other day I said, "How about we go to the store today, Ty." He answered, very cheerfully, "How about...no." Or if I say something like, "Tyler you can't do that right now." He'll say, "How about, yes!" 
  • This month Ty has become very good at using contractions (I'm, she's, won't, don't, etc). His dad is thrilled because Ty basically speaks in full sentences whenever he can. For example, I'll say, "Tyler are you poopy?" And he'll say, "No I'm not poopy." Or if I ask him if Gaby is crying he'll say, "No, she's not crying." The funny thing is that he'll say a complete sentence and then follow it up with some sort of baby jabber that we still can't understand. 
  •  Ty is in the potty training process. Most days he'll go pee on his potty once, if I'm lucky twice. Hopefully pretty soon we'll be able to get rid of the diapers for good! The first time he actually peed in his potty I was so excited that I think I really surprised him. When he realized what a big deal it was, he said, "Oh my heavens! Yay! I get a treat!"
  • A couple of months ago, Tyler was very interested in learning how to read. But now he's not. So he knows the sounds for M, S, T and sometimes F, and that's about it. 
  •  Ty is a very sweet kid. He is constantly saying "I love you" to me, Ryan, Gaby, Grandmas, Grandpa, etc. A couple of nights ago after we had turned the lights out in the kids rooms, Ry and I were watching something up in our room when we hear: "Good night Mom." I answered, "Good night Ty." This is how it followed:
       Tyler: "Love you, Mom."
       Mom: "Love you, Ty."
            (silence for a few seconds)
       Tyler: "Good night, Dad."
       Dad: "Good night, Tyler."
       Tyler: "I love you, Dad."
       Dad: "Love you, Tyler"
            (silence again)
       Tyler: "Good night, Gaby"
       Tyler: "I love you, Gaby." 
       Gaby: "Babababa..."

  • Ty LOVES his little sister! There are moments when he gets annoyed by her, but most of the time he loves to play with her and read to her and talk to her. When she gets upset he will console her by saying, "What's wrong, Gab? It's ok, Gab! Don't cry." He loves to push her all around in the stroller. She just adores him, too! He likes to climb into her crib with her when she wakes up from her nap and they just play and laugh together for sometimes half an hour before I have to get them out.  

  • Luckily we are past the Nemo stage. Unfortunately, Nemo has been replaced by another. Ty asks to watch The Tale of Despereaux every single day. He calls it "the other mouse show." The original "mouse show" is Ratatouille, which he also loves. He also enjoys The Princess and the Frog (which I LOVE too), Brother Bear and Monsters, Inc (still). 

We sure do love this little guy!

Monday, May 31, 2010

Someone turned 30!!

This cute man of mine is now the big 30! To commemorate this milestone I just had to throw him a fun family party! So we decided to do a luau in our backyard. I had so much fun buying decorations and all sorts of luau stuff. So when it was FREEZING and rained on the day of the party, we were a little bummed, but moved the party to my parents' house and had a great time anyway! We made Kahlua pig and fruit and Oahu Frappe, etc and listened to IZ.

In keeping with the birthday cake tradition we seem to have established, I just had to do a couple of unique cakes.

Yes, there are boobs are Ryan's 30th birthday cake. Cause...why not?!

We also had a special area set up for pictures and had a lot of fun posing.

The only people we didn't get with the hula girls are Jorge and his boys! (Monica, I tried, I promise!)

It was a lot of fun! The only things we weren't able to do because of the weather were the pinata and the limbo contest. That just means we'll have to have another luau this summer! Happy 30th Ry! I hope the next 30 are amazing and wonderful!