Friday, March 19, 2010


 I know, I know...I didn't post Christmas pictures. I totally lied. Deal with it. I'll post them later. For now, I HAVE GOT to post about the things Ty has been saying lately, before I forget.

  • His favorite movie right now is Finding Nemo, so the word we hear most often right now is "Nemo," although we also hear the words "monsters" and "mouse" since the close second and third movies are Monsters Inc and Ratatouille.
  • It's obvious that he knows something about the workings of his digestive system. Two days ago we were sitting in the living room and I could smell something. I asked if he had pooped and he answered very excitedly while pointing to his bum, "Nuggets in there." pause and then after some thought "Fruit snacks in there." He had chicken nuggets and fruit snacks for lunch. I was almost rolling on the floor.
  • He is such a sweetheart and is constantly saying "I love you too." Yes, the too is added even before someone has said it to him. Tonight we were watching a movie at some friends' house and I was sitting in front of the chair that Ryan and Tyler were sitting in. Tyler kept leaning forward to say "Oh hi mom!" in my ear. Then he would would say, "I love you too" and then kiss the back of my head.
  • He loves to say HI. He says it with such enthusiasm in the mornings. "Hi Mom!" "Hi Dad!" Or he'll walk into the room and just randomly say, "Oh hiiiii!"
  • He is very polite and says please and thank you almost always. Well, please is a little harder right now since he has understood what "now" means. Sometimes instead of saying "fruit snacks please," he'll say "fruit snacks now" in just as sweet a tone. Except when he says it demandingly when he's mad. But he rarely forgets to say "thank you" which melts my heart.
  •  He loves going to Grandma's house. Anytime we get in the car to go somewhere he cheerfully says "Mama's house" while nodding. If we don't actually go to Grandma's house, he asks incessantly to go there. If we're heading to the Grandma's house that he didn't have in mind at that particular moment, he says, "other Grandma's house."
  • He loves to say "Oh my heavens!" although it sounds more like "Oh my henens!" The other day we were driving along Bountiful Blvd. and we were passing the golf course. We slowed and pointed out about fifteen deer that were eating the grass there. He got excited and said, "Oh my henens! Deer!" Occasionally he'll say "Oh my Nooness!" (goodness)
  • He loves to mimic anyone talking on the phone. He'll stand there and repeat anything that is said into the phone in exactly the same tone that it is said. It's hilarious to listen to. 
  • If he's looking for something he'll add the word "is" after whatever it is he's looking for. "Daddy is?" "Blankie is?" "Fruit snacks is?" In case you haven't picked up on this, he loves fruit snacks. You can imagine the uncontrollable excitement when we found Nemo fruit snacks at the store. I thought his smile would spill over into the aisles. 
I LOVE THIS STAGE!!! It's so much fun!!