Thursday, April 8, 2010

Almost Spring?

 Ah it's April. Really it is. Here is the evidence:

You really wouldn't have thought so a couple of days ago when Ryan got a call from work saying that he should just stay home because Parley's Canyon was really bad. So he did! And even though Ty has been sick with a pretty bad cough, we couldn't help but take both the kids outside for a few minutes of playing in the snow while we had the chance.

Doesn't Gaby look super excited about this?

What a nice dad and little brother, huh?

After they finally stopped laughing and helped her up, Dad made Princess Gaby a little throne to sit in.
She still didn't seem too happy about it.

But Ty had a blast.

The pictures that are missing are of Ryan shoving my face into the snow. Unfortunately, Ty couldn't figure out to how to work the camera and it was too heavy for Gaby.