Sunday, January 23, 2011

Ty's 3rd (or 5th) Birthday

 For some reason this year, Ty was adamant that he was turning FIVE years old, not three. So on his birthday morning, Ryan made him a 3 and a 5. He opened his presents from us after breakfast. He got a Sid the Science Kid microphone, which he was SO excited about, and Toy Story 3. Which he was also SO excited about.

 This is him grudgingly showing three fingers even though he wants to be showing all five.

Ty's cake was a racetrack and cars. After blowing out the candles, he got to keep the Lightning McQueen car from the cake, and then that's all he wanted to play with. Didn't want to even LOOK at any of his other presents. 

Aaron trying to convince Ty to just look at the cool present he brought.

 Ty finally giving in and realizing that he has even cooler things than Lightning McQueen to open.

Demonstrating his new microphone.

Cute Mason spinning.

Gaby wondered why she didn't get any presents this time around.

Mason and Uncle Josh showing off their underwear.

I can't believe more than three years has already gone by since this little guy was born. He's been such a blessing in our lives and we love him so much!

Halloween 2010

Next up is Halloween! I loved, loved, LOVED the kids' costumes this year! They just looked so stinking adorable! This is probably the last year that Ty will let me dress him up however I want and when I saw these gnome costumes, I just had to do it! Ty's came with a beard but he refused to wear it. Our first event was the ward trunk or treat. You can see how thrilled they were about this:

They loved giving out candy in the back of car. Tyler thought it was the coolest thing ever.

Our next event was Grandma and Grandpa Dennis' ward trunk or treat that we went to with Jorge and Monica's fam. Aaron was a vampire, Cameron was a knight in shining armor and Mason was a little devil.

On Halloween night we went trick-or-treating around Grandma Linda's neighborhood. The kids loved it even though it was pouring rain. Apparently we didn't get pictures that night until we got home and the kids got out of their costumes

I thought these little tights would be warmer than any of her other full length ones because they're so thick. The PROBLEM is that they don't fit around her chunky little thighs!

Is anyone still out there?!

WOW!!! How long has it been? Yes, I've been a slacker, but the truth is, this blog just hasn't been too high on my priority list lately. Then I realized that I'm so dumb to not blog because, really, this is our family journal and SO much has happened! I swear the kids have gotten 10 years older since the last time I blogged! Ok, not really, but some days it feels that way.

So, where to start. How about with Gaby's first birthday since she got gypped out of a blog post.

Obviously, she had to start the day getting clean. A girl can't show up smelling bad to her first birthday party.

For birthdays we have started a tradition of making fun cakes. Ty got a Baby Einstein caterpillar for his first birthday and a dragon/dinosaur for his second because those are the things he loved. Well, trying to come up with something for Gaby was kind of hard. She's not attached to any one thing in particular. The only thing I could think of that she really loved is FOOD. So here's her cake(s):
Many thanks to Ella for letting me use her party ideas.
Ty and Grandma Amott
There are many more pictures of Gaby's birthday...but I don't know where they are. So this post is TO BE CONTINUED...