Sunday, September 25, 2011

Five More Years Later

Ok, yes I know. How dare I  just casually show up again after such a long time away?! Well, let's just say that life has been busy. But I feel sufficiently guilty that I need to start posting again. For the sake of my children at least. And because one day (when I find a reasonably priced company) I would like to get my blog printed and don't want two-year chunks of time missing. That's just pure irresponsibility, right?

Where better to start than our five year anniversary? The beginning of FIVE MORE YEARS LATER. Yes, we have made it five years. And I have to say that the fifth year was INFINITELY easier than the first. For instance, Ryan did not have any cheese thrown at his head in the fifth year. He also didn't have to deal with a pregnant, ornery wife in the fifth year. And there was no loud midnight ice cream truck to deal with in the fifth year. Life in the fifth year is good! So to celebrate this milestone (i.e. the "no cheese-throwing year") we went on a little trip to Logan/Bear Lake.

Happy to start our drive

Going nuts in the car after 2 hours (or however long it takes to get to Logan)

Ryan telling the Pioneers how to get to The Bluebird Cafe. 

Anyone who has been to Logan but has not been to The Bluebird: HELLO!! Are you nuts?! Go. Sit down. Ask for Sarah to be your waitress. Order the Bluebird Chicken. Play footsie with your husband/wife while you wait. Eat. Float to heaven. It is that good!! You'll thank me later.

A random bridge behind the Anniversary Inn. 

How much fun is it really to just take a normal picture standing on a bridge? Come on.

We stayed in the Chinese suite at the A.I. on our first night. We had this little porch all to ourselves. There was a crazy awesome lightning storm that night that we watched from here. It was so cool!!

I forgot what this is called. But we used it to write cheesy love messages to each other. 


This is me and my hot husband. His name is Ryan. No, you can't have him.

Dinosaur cloud. Or maybe a dragon. What do you see?

The amazing fries and shakes at Hometown in Garden City. What? You've never been there?? See above. (Except Sarah doesn't work here. But they do allow footsie to be played. Or least they don't discourage.)

Every time we go to Logan (or Bear Lake) Ryan has to go to Cafe Sabor. These are the lovely friends who greeted us on the way in. Ryan tried to start a conversation with them, but they weren't too chatty.

The second day we stayed in Rich's Drive In and it was soooo cool!!! Snack bar, Ford truck, Audrey Hepburn posters and all.

I just love this man of mine and I'm so ready for the next five!
(This picture will be explained later. And yes. That is Ryan hugging a vacuum box.)